120WaterAudit Launches Water Testing Subscription Service

Commercial-grade water testing subscription now available

INDIANAPOLIS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#DrinkingWater120WaterAudit,
a subscription-based water testing service, created by Indianapolis tech
veterans Megan Glover and Chris Baggott, along with David Kohl, of CWM
, today launches its commercial-grade water test. For
less than $1 per day, 120WaterAudit will test for unhealthy and harmful
contaminants such as lead, arsenic and nitrate, three times per year.
Testing at an accredited commercial lab and measuring against the EPA’s
maximum contamination levels, 120WaterAudit will now be your go-to water

“Knowing what’s in your water shouldn’t be a difficult process,” said
Megan Glover, Co-founder and CEO of 120WaterAudit. “We provide an easy
and reliable solution to understand your water quality throughout the

The quality of your water can change during the year depending on the
composition of your plumbing, aging service lines and other
environmental factors. By testing drinking water regularly, users can
identify possible health risks hiding in their water source including
lead, nitrate and arsenic and other harmful contaminants. According
to the EPA
, homes and institutions, like public schools, built
before 1986 are more likely to have lead pipes, fixtures and solder.
Health effects from lead in drinking water include: slowed growth and
anemia in children, premature birth in pregnant women and decreased
kidney function and high blood pressure in adults.

“Most people assume that if they don’t see a problem they don’t have a
problem — this is not the case,” said David Kohl, Co-founder of
120WaterAudit and owner of CWM Environmental. “CWM is proud to have
partnered with 120WaterAudit to raise awareness about water quality and
perform tests in accordance with all standards that follow the Safe
Drinking Water Act.”

120WaterAudit makes the water testing process simple and easy:

  • Sign up at 120WaterAudit.com
  • Receive the testing kit
  • Fill the included water bottle with tap water
  • Return bottle in prepaid shipping box via USPS
  • Results are returned in 14 days or less via email

For more information about 120WaterAudit, or to sign up, visit 120WaterAudit.com.

About 120WaterAudit

120WaterAudit is a subscription-based water testing service. Launched in
2016, the company’s mission is to provide an easy way to frequently
check for harmful contaminants in tap water. Founded in Indianapolis, IN
by Megan Glover, Chris Baggott and David Kohl, 120WaterAudit’s partner
lab adheres to all standards that follow the Safe Drinking Water Act and
follows the EPA’s standard method of testing which is approved by the
code of the federal register. For drinking water safety tips and
information, follow 120WaterAudit on Facebook.


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