4sight Health Features Article on Trumpian Healthcare Reform

by David W. Johnson

CHICAGO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#4sightHealth–The American Healthcare Act (AHCA) is dead for now. The legislative
failure creates a unique opportunity for President Trump to direct a
centrist coalition to deliver meaningful and successful healthcare
reform. The article, Trumpian Healthcare Reform: A “Silver
Linings” Legislative Playbook, 
digs into the negative
impact that the AHCA would have had on all Americans, particularly Trump
voters, and the timeliness of a moderate, pragmatic and populist
approach that would improve healthcare access and quality while freeing
enormous resources to stimulate economic growth. Author David W.
Johnson, an expert in market-driven healthcare reform, builds his
argument with timely data from Carrot Health, the big-data healthcare
analytics firm.

Populist President Donald J. Trump championed a bill that the CBO
estimated would cause 24 million Americans to lose their health
insurance, including disproportionate numbers of his own ardent
supporters. Despite their professed opposition to Obamacare, Trump
supporters have a disproportionate need for healthcare services. 4sight
Health and Carrot
collaborated on a detailed health metrics analysis of Trump
voters. Carrot compared Physical Inactivity scores to the percentage of
Trump voters by county. (“Physical Inactivity” is a powerful predictor
of chronic disease, premature mortality and health expenditure.) The
results are staggering. The two charts look identical. The higher the
level of Physical Inactivity, the higher the voting percentages for
Trump. If healthcare insurance coverage declines in these pro-Trump
counties, these negative behavioral, treatment and cost trends will
amplify. President Trump owes his loyal supporters and all Americans
better healthcare, not less healthcare.

Partisan healthcare reform programs, like the AHCA and the ACA, are
always endangered species. It’s time to try an honest bi-partisan
approach. President Trump should create a bi-partisan task force to
tackle healthcare reform. Find political heavyweights (e.g. Mitt Romney
and Tom Daschle) to lead the effort, work with his administration and
hammer out new legislation that could pass both houses of Congress with
sizable majorities. Delivering better healthcare for less money would
free enormous resources to invest in more productive industries, improve
wages and stimulate economic growth.

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Healthcare Reform: A “Silver Linings” Legislative


About 4sight Health and David W. Johnson

Dave Johnson is the CEO and founder of 4sight Health, a Chicago-based
healthcare consulting firm specializing in thought capital, strategy and
venture investing. The company provides a unique perspective on
post-reform healthcare that emphasizes market-driven transformation. Mr.
Johnson is the author of the just-published Market vs. Medicine:
America’s Epic Fight for Better, Affordable Healthcare
. He is the
author-in-residence at MATTER, the Chicago-based healthcare incubator,
and the Health Management Academy. He also writes the widely-read
“Market Corner” commentaries and contributes monthly to Cain Brothers’ Industry

About Carrot Health

Carrot Health helps healthcare companies manage risk and improve
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Health offers MarketView™, a software-as-a-service platform powered by
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