50 Times Faster, 100% Delicious: GE Appliances’ FirstBuild™ Launches Prisma® Cold Brewer on Indiegogo

  • Prisma® revolutionizes cold brewing at
    home with cold brew coffee ready in 10 minutes
  • For the first time, winning designers to receive share of Indiegogo
    crowdfunding campaign—up to $30,000

LOUISVILLE, Ky.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–In just five years, public interest in cold brew coffee has increased
tenfold. Marketers have scrambled to respond, yet each new offering has
failed to alleviate the chief annoyances of cold brew’s most stalwart
enthusiasts: Making cold brew at home is too slow, bottled cold brew
lacks freshness, and coffee shops suffer chronic shortages. That’s why
GE Appliances’ FirstBuild™ has developed Prisma®, a cold
brewer that delivers a carafe of fresh, full-bodied cold brew coffee at
home in under 10 minutes.

Available to purchase starting August 2 through Indiegogo,
Prisma is more than 50 times faster than standard cold brewers, which
can take 12 to 24 hours to brew. Prisma will be presold on Indiegogo for
a limited time, with shipment to early adopter customers expected in
September 2017. Early backers will receive their Prisma before retail
availability and benefit from discounts of up to 20 percent off the
expected future retail price of $299.

“When you want your coffee, you want it now, and traditional cold brew
methods can’t provide that,” said Taylor Dawson, product evangelist at
FirstBuild. “Prisma is positioned to serve this passionate existing
customer base with a better at-home cold brew experience.”

How is Prisma so much faster than other cold brew makers? Unlike other
cold brew methods that involve immersing coarsely ground coffee beans in
room temperature or chilled water for at least 12 hours, Prisma Cold
Brew uses a specialized vacuum infusion algorithm to rapidly
extract flavor from finely ground beans. After brewing, the vacuum
releases and delicious cold brew will begin filling the carafe.

FirstBuild, a microfactory located in Louisville, Kentucky, designs,
builds and sells the next generation of innovative home appliances. In
March of this year, FirstBuild challenged its community to show off
their industrial design capabilities and user-experience insights to
design a cold brew coffee maker for the masses. In April, a panel of
selected design experts chose the winning designs for the Prisma Cold

“The Cold Brew Design Challenge allows us to give back to the talented
designers in the FirstBuild community,” said Dawson. “For the first
time, we’re offering a percentage of the campaign funding from Indiegogo
to be shared by the three winning designers, up to $30,000 in total

To learn more and receive updates on the Prisma Cold Brew coffee maker,
visit http://www.prismacoldbrew.com/.

About FirstBuild

GE Appliances’ FirstBuild is a global co-creation community that
harnesses the brainpower of the maker movement to change the way major
home appliances are conceived, designed and manufactured. A physical
state-of-the-art microfactory in Louisville, Kentucky and online forum,
FirstBuild speeds products from mind to market and enables customization
through small batch production, without the costs and risks of
traditional mass manufacturing. For more information about how to get
involved, visit FirstBuild.com.


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