5th Catholic International Art Competition

Connect – storytelling about universal values and action

SEOUL, South Korea–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Following on from the first Catholic Art Competition held in 2009, the
Archdiocese of Seoul is now preparing for its fifth competition.

For the fifth Competition, we sought to set a theme with no inherent
religious connotation, which allows artists to contemplate aspects of
significance that the Catholic Church has been trying to seek and
preserve. After serious consideration, we have decided upon “Connect” as
the theme for the event.

There are many definitions in the Korean dictionary for the word
“connect,” such as “to join together two ends,” “to carry on,” “to make
[many people or things] line up,” or “to follow on.” The word “connect”
is “full” of so many connotations, whereas it is also an “empty” term
that must be used in reference to an object. This allows us to use the
word with any term like “love,” “faith,” “hope,” and “the spirit of
martyrdom.” The word encourages us, and our church, to think about the
things that we want to connect. It is our hope that this competition can
offer a forum for both its entrants and viewers to discuss their own
object of connection, along with unchanging truths and other truly
valuable things, through the medium of visual language.

Conditions for application

Eligibility: Anyone aged 19 or older, regardless of
• The official languages shall be
Korean and English

Category and Restrictions

Flat surface: Within 259.1×193.9cm
When installed, the work shall not exceed 200×200×200cm
* In the
case of media art, the running time shall not exceed five minutes.

Application Procedures

Submission of artwork images for preliminary screening
Sep. 19 (Tue) to 26 (Tue), 2017 / online and postal mail
of actual works for final selection (limited to entrants that pass the
preliminary screening)

: Oct. 24 (Tue) to 31 (Tue), 2017

Awards (Includes purchase price and tax)

• Grand Prize (to be purchased) : KRW 50million (1 person)
• Gold
Prize (to be purchased) : KRW 20million (1 per category)
• Silver
Prize (to be purchased) : KRW 10million (2 per category)
• Bronze
Prize (to be purchased) : KRW 5million (3 per category)
• Honorable
Mention : KRW 2million (5 per category)


Jeoldusan Martyrs’ Shrine
Yoo jisun, +82.2.3142.4504