80 Percent of Women Worldwide Feel Empowered to Help Eliminate One-Dimensional Labeling of Women

Gillette Venus Inspires Women to Take a Stand with the Evolution of
its #UseYourAnd Campaign

BOSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–According to a new global study run by Gillette Venus, 8 in ten women
(81.5%1) feel that showing the world who they
truly are is an important goal*. 67 percent2 of them have
experienced one-dimensional labels or stereotypes in their lives and
nearly half (46 percent2) report feeling insecure when given
a label.

Today Gillette Venus takes a stand and empowers women to accomplish this
goal via the second phase of its #UseYourAnd campaign. The campaign aims
to inspire women and girls to unleash their full potential and not be
limited by one-dimensional labels.

“Earlier this year, Gillette Venus launched the #UseYourAnd campaign to
take a stand against the lost potential that comes from defining women
by a stereotype,” said Dirk Heinzl, Gillette Venus Global Marketing
Director. “The natural evolution of this campaign is to give women the
inspiration they need to explore and discover how to impact a positive
change in their lives and in the lives of others.”

With the #UseYourAnd campaign evolution, Gillette Venus offers
inspiration from real women through the video “My
&’s. My Choice
.” With the help of spoken-word poetry, they show
the world who they really are and don’t let society define them with one

Gillette Venus is also unveiling The #UseYourAnd
, an online resource that celebrates authenticity and serves
as an inspiration hub where labels and stereotypes have no power. Most
women chose “standing up for others” and “encouraging their friends to
explore all of their passions” as the top ways to help eliminate
one-dimensional labels1. With The #UseYourAnd Diaries,
Gillette Venus is providing women with unscripted advice from real
women, arming them with tools to take a stand and help others do the

The #UseYourAnd Diaries feature real stories, tips and advice from more
than a dozen real women around the world, from female empowerment
experts, to CEOs, to beauty vloggers. These “ANDbassadors” serve as role
models for embracing multi-dimensionality, inspiring the next generation
to show stereotypes the door.

Claudia Chan, Founder of The S.H.E. Summit Global Conference & Women’s
Empowerment Expert, is an “ANDbassador” for The #UseYourAnd Diaries,
helping empower women to eradicate labels placed upon them and others.
“When women and girls experience stereotypes and labels from their
family, peers or surroundings – it can have deep, long term negative
effects on their self-perception, and therefore their potential. After
all, we can only become what we believe. That’s why I’m extremely
passionate about my partnership with Gillette Venus. They’re one of the
first brands to drive awareness on this specific issue and show women
how celebrating their ‘ANDs’ can unleash their confidence and
opportunities in life,” said Chan. “Young women have the power to drive
positive change in their own lives, and in the world. More than ever we
can equip them with the tools and resources to do so. Through my
collaboration with Gillette Venus, we hope to ignite their action so
they can become catalysts for the betterment of women around the world.”

Gillette Venus will be an official S.H.E. ALLY of the 2015 S.H.E.
Summit, led by Claudia, providing women with inspiration from
established female leaders from various fields who have all broken
through their labels and limitations.

In addition, Gillette Venus is helping women tell the story of their
limitless potential and talents via Venus’ own &Clouds
. Women can create, customize & share their &Cloud.

Gillette Venus, the #1 selling global female razor brand, is a brand
dedicated to the women we create products for. We spend a lot of time
getting to know women and their hopes, lifestyles and how they view
their contributions to the world. We believe being a woman is
exhilarating, liberating and inspiring. We encourage all women to
embrace their “ANDs” so that they make the most out of every beautiful
step they take.

Women can visit The #UseYourAnd Diaries at gillettevenus.tumblr.com
for inspiration and ideas on how they can take a stand and #UseYourAnd.

Survey Methodology

Two 2015 Gillette Venus consumer surveys:

1. Online survey conducted by Research Now among 8,000 females 13-24 in
8 countries in August 2015.

2. Online survey conducted by Wakefield Research among 4,500 females
16-45 in 9 countries in October & November 2014.

* Of those respondents that provided a definitive answer

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