A California First: Anthem Blue Cross Members can now access a Spanish Speaking Doctor using a tablet or smartphone

LiveHealth Online Launches Cuidado Médico Providing Access To
Video Doctor Visits in Spanish

WOODLAND HILLS, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–For the first time in California, Spanish-speaking Anthem Blue Cross
members have an easy and convenient way to see a doctor for
non-emergency needs when their own doctor is not readily available.
Members can now use their smartphone or tablet to have a live video
visit with a US-based, board-certified doctor of their choice to discuss
common health conditions in Spanish from home, work or wherever they
happen to be as long as they have internet access. The doctors who see
Anthem members using Cuidado Médico on LiveHealth Online can
assess a member’s condition, provide a treatment plan and even send a
prescription to the pharmacy if needed.

Spanish-speaking doctors using Cuidado Médico on LiveHealth
Online can see patients from 7:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. pacific time,
365-days a year, including holidays. In fact, Anthem members have online
visits using LiveHealth Online as a covered benefit under their health
plan which means the cost of the visit is the same or less than a
primary office visit.

“Cuidado Médico on LiveHealth Online is just one of many ways Anthem is
making getting quality health care more convenient for our Spanish
speaking members,” said Brian Ternan, president of Anthem Blue Cross.
“We all know how important it is to talk to a doctor in the language in
which you’re most comfortable. Cuidado Médico on LiveHealth
Online offers a secure way for our members to use their insurance plan
and contact a Spanish speaking board-certified doctor via your
smartphone or tablet.”

According to a 2013 Pew study, Latinos are among the most likely to go
online using their smartphones.

California residents who do not have Anthem coverage or who have no
coverage at all can also have access to Cuidado Médico on
LiveHealth Online in Spanish for $49 per visit.

Online care, for non-emergency medical conditions, is more convenient
and affordable than visit to the local urgent care clinic. Anthem
members who have used LiveHealth Online reported that the service has
helped them save two to three hours of time when they have a common
health condition because they do not have to leave work or home to visit
a doctor’s office or urgent care facility.

Members can initiate video visits from their home or workplace at any
time through a smartphone or tablet by downloading the free LiveHealth
Online app.

Patients use online care typically to communicate face-to-face with a
doctor about colds, sinus infections, aches, sore throats, allergies,
skin infections, rashes and more. Doctors do not prescribe for
controlled substances or lifestyle drugs. A summary of each visit is
created, and at the patient’s request, can be forwarded to their primary
care doctor — supporting continuity of care and collaboration among

“LiveHealth Online represents a true shift in healthcare delivery by
using technology to make healthcare easier and more consumer friendly,”
said John Jesser, Anthem Blue Cross vice president of provider
engagement strategy. “LiveHealth Online is having an unprecedented
impact on the lives of Spanish speaking consumers in California. For the
first time, thousands of Latino consumers have at their disposal the
ability to visit with a doctor online in Spanish.”

LiveHealth Online can also lessen the burden on primary care doctors who
are increasingly feeling the pressure from the growing doctor shortage.
The Association of American Medical Colleges estimated that in 2015 the
country would have 62,900 fewer doctors than needed. LiveHealth Online
can help reduce wait time when trying to get in to a see a doctor.
Getting care early on can help reduce the severity and duration of many
typical illnesses such as the flu and infections.

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About LiveHealth Online

is a communications tool that provides consumers with a
convenient way to have video visit with a doctor, to receive treatment
for common health conditions. Consumers can access board certified
doctors through livehealthonline.com
or on an iOS or Android smartphone or tablet using the free app. It is
secure, private, easy-to-use and affordable. Consumers can have live,
visits with their choice of doctors seven days a week, from 7 a.m. to
11:00 p.m. in Spanish, using two-way video conferencing, along with
instant messaging.
LiveHealth Online
is the trade name of Health Management
Corporation, a separate company, providing telehealth services on behalf
of Anthem Blue Cross.


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