A New Title from NTT Solmare’s “Shall we date?” Series, “Shall we date?: War of Prayers” Is Now Released!

A magical girl who saves the world with her knight!

OSAKA, Japan–(BUSINESS WIRE)–NTT Solmare Corporation today announced the launch of the newest title
of the games in English, “Shall we date?: War of Prayers -Inori no
Otome-” in the iTunes App Store and Google Play.

War of Prayers is a visual novel and dating simulation game about a
romance between a girl who is destined to save the world as a prayer
maiden and a knight who protects her.
All the male characters have
unique personalities behind their attractive appearances. This game will
promise to provide players a heartrending romantic love experience with
a male character of their choices.

Story Introduction:

The heroine of the game is chosen by the crystal to become a prayer
maiden to save the world. There is one promise she needs to keep as a
prayer maiden, which is that she must not fall in love with anyone.
Although keeping her promise, she realizes that a love starts to grow
between her and the knight. Is she going to break her promise or…?

Game features

*A lot of beautifully illustrated graphic arts.
*A pretty heroine
transformed by magic.
*Handsome, unique, attractive male characters.
endings for each male character. The ending episodes can be changed
depending on what the heroine chooses to act or react in the episodes.


*Prologue is Free.
*Main story is $4.99 (USD) per character
is $1.99 (USD) per character

Release Date

December 21, 2015 (PST)



Supported OS versions:

*iOS: 6.0 or later
*Android: 4.0 or later

How to access

Access the URL below from a smartphone.

Social networking sites

The official Facebook page for the “Shall we date?” series

The official trailer of “Shall we date?: War of Prayers”

About NTT Solmare Corporation:

NTT Solmare Corporation in Japan has been releasing many Japanese-style
dating sim games or Otome games, under its dating simulation game brand
“Shall we date?” series.


NTT Solmare Corporation
Nobuko Matsuo, +81-6-6228-8861