A Plus Announces TV Series “Project Dad” Will Be Available Online

Chicken Soup for the Soul Entertainment’s Series To Debut On APlus.com
Tuesday, February 7th

COS COB, Conn.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–A Plus, a Chicken Soup for the Soul company, announced today that the
first episode of Project Dad, a Chicken Soup for the Soul
, will premiere online on Tuesday, February 7th on APlus.com.
New episodes will be available online Mondays at 12 p.m. EST at video.aplus.com.

“We are excited to make the jump into airing original video content from
Chicken Soup for the Soul Entertainment on A Plus,” said Ashton Kutcher,
founder of APlus.com.
“This will enable us to reach a broader audience with our message
of positive storytelling that focuses on our shared humanity. Right now,
this is more important than ever.”

“Making Project Dad available on demand on APlus.com
allows us to distribute content on multiple platforms, and we expect to
engage online audiences and earn new fans for the show through the
site,” said William J. Rouhana, Jr., Chairman and CEO of Chicken Soup
for the Soul Entertainment. “This premiere also illustrates the power of
marrying our content with A Plus’s distribution to grow our reach. We
plan to share content this way regularly, which will allow A Plus to
provide premium content with scale to their sponsors.”

Project Dad follows Donnell Rawlings (comedian, Chappelle’s
), Daniel Cosgrove (actor, Days of Our Lives), and DJ
Skribble (world-ranked disc jockey, MTV’s TRL) as they’re left
alone with their kids. The humorous and heartwarming series turns the
camera on these three busy celebrity dads as they struggle to balance
caring for a home, parenting and pursuing a full-time career — on their


A Plus, a Chicken Soup for the Soul company, is a digital media company
devoted to delivering positive journalism to its readers. Its growth to
over 100 million monthly content views has been powered by a dynamic
combination of proprietary technology and commitment to high-quality,
empathetic storytelling. A Plus aims to challenge the status quo in
media by focusing its content mission on positivity and social change.


Chicken Soup for the Soul Entertainment, Inc. is a fast-growing provider
of high-quality video content consistent with the 23-year-old widely
recognized Chicken Soup for the Soul brand. The company aims to grow its
video business and expand its library of positive, high-quality and
entertaining video content through production and acquisition. Chicken
Soup for the Soul Entertainment is expanding its relationships with
sponsors, television networks and independent producers to create new,
brand-consistent video content in a variety of formats. The company will
make its video content available to billions of consumers globally
through any television or internet-delivered networks, including social
media, “over-the-top” and “direct-to-consumer” networks, on any device
at any time.


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