ADDING MULTIMEDIA Opple Lighting’s Nepali Distributor Visits Hospital and Rehabilitation Centre for Disabled Children

KATHMANDU, Nepal–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#HospitalAndRehabilitationCentreForDisabledChildren–G. P. Trading Concern, national distributor of Opple LED lighting in
Nepal, initiated a noble cause this April 2016. On behalf of the entire
company, a group of 16 employees decided to visit Hospital and
Rehabilitation Centre for Disabled Children (HRDC), a leading hospital
with specialization in orthopedic and reconstructive surgery, treatment
of cerebral palsy and management of spine problems.

This rehabilitation center caters treatment for physically-challenged
and differently-abled children below the age of 16. More than 70% of the
currently admitted 82 patients at this hospital are from the remotest
areas of Nepal and cannot afford such expensive surgeries. To support
this Rehabilitation Centre, G. P. Trading Concern did something truly
amazing. The team funded the surgery of a 14-year-old girl, Manisha, who
currently cannot walk or move. After the surgery and with the help of
assistive devices designed especially for her, Manisha would soon be on
her feet and be doing everything that a normal human does. The dream of
the team to make a permanent change in the life of one needy child shall
soon come true.

The day at HRDC did not end here; the team surprised the kids by handing
over goodie-bags, toys and chocolates, and having lunch together with
the kids. The team also added a little more colour into their lives by
installing an LED TV and sound system at the play therapy zone of the

“In fact, charity is one of the things we have in common.” As Ma Xiuhui,
President of OPPLE Lighting, has always said, “OPPLE Lighting is more
than a lighting products maker; it is a spreader of love and light. The
company is highly committed to social responsibility and has been
engaged in helping disadvantaged people, especially children, in China
through various charity activities.”

In the past few years, OPPLE Lighting supported China Foundation for
Disabled Person, Lifeline Express Fund, China Youth Development
Foundation, the Sichuan Earthquake recovery program, the New Rural
Construction in northwest China, “Bright Classrooms” program for kids in
poverty-stricken areas. It funded organizations and programs that offer
citizens access to a better life in the communities where OPPLE Lighting
has a presence. Earlier this year, OPPLE Lighting was awarded the 5-Year
Special Tribute Award at the 5th China Charity Festival for
its contribution to making a difference in the quality of life in
disadvantaged communities.

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OPPLE Shanghai Office
Kiko Li, +86 21 38550000