Affymetrix and XRGenomics LTD to Collaborate on Development of a New Generation of Diagnostic Tests for Age-Related Diseases

(NASDAQ: AFFX) and XRGenomics
, a UK based biotechnology company, announced today that they
will collaborate on research and development of a new generation of
diagnostic tests for age-related diseases. Over 50% of healthcare costs
are spent on those aged 65 and older and according to the G8 Summit
2013, age-related diseases could bankrupt Western medicine by 2050. New
solutions are required to deliver efficient and effective care.

XRGenomics has utilized Affymetrix technology to develop novel gene
expression-based signatures that enable translational research and
biomarker test development activities in areas such as dementia,
Alzheimer’s, and other age-related diseases.

“Our unique approach to building diagnostics for complex diseases that
become prevalent with age requires a high-throughput global
transcriptomics solution such as that offered by expression array plates
processed on the Affymetrix GeneTitan® System – a platform
that is scalable, accurate, and cost-effective,” said Professor Jamie
Timmons, PhD, chief scientific officer at XRGenomics.

He went on to say “to provide the next generation of clinically
meaningful diagnostics for geriatric medicine, one must simultaneously
assess multiple ‘RNA scores’ or markers for several age-related chronic
diseases to get an accurate picture of the patient. This is why we are
so excited to be working with Affymetrix to optimize our RNA signatures
in thousands of patients with cognitive impairment using the Affymetrix
GeneTitan® platform, which is extremely well suited to meet
the technical demands of large scale clinical trials.”

“There is a clear need to address the enormous challenge of managing
complex age-related diseases that face healthcare systems globally. We
believe that the work of XRGenomics will materially improve the
research, diagnosis, and treatment of age-related diseases in the near
future,” said Dan St. Louis, senior vice president of the Expression
Business Unit at Affymetrix. “Our GeneChip® U133 Plus 2.0
array used by XRGenomics, particularly in its high-throughput automated
format, continues to serve as a proven platform for clinical and
translational researchers who need to analyze the expression profile of
large clinical cohorts with the accuracy, reproducibility, speed, and
cost-effectiveness required to successfully develop complex RNA-based
tests for clinical utility.”

XRGenomics hopes that their biological age signature becomes an
important stratification tool for dementia research as early as 2017.

About XRGenomics LTD

XRGenomics LTD is a privately held company with informatics-driven
research and development activities in the field of aging and diabetes
diagnostics. For more information about XRGenomics LTD, please visit

About Affymetrix

Affymetrix technologies enable multiplex and simultaneous analysis of
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