AfroWest Pictures is Set to Release “Oloibiri,” a Nollywood Action-Drama Inspired by Real-Life Events, for Theatrical Release on February 3rd, 2017

LOS ANGELES–(BUSINESS WIRE)–AfroWest Pictures is set to release “Oloibiri” for select
U.S. theatrical releases beginning on February 3rd, 2017 in
Los Angeles.

Starring an all-star cast of renowned and award-nominated international
actors which include William R. Moses (“Falcon Crest,” “Mystic
Richard Mofe-Damijo (“Alice in America”), Olu
(“Pirates”), Taiwo Ajai-Lycett (“Tinsel”),
Ivie Okujaye
(“Burning Bridges”), and Ifeanyi Williams,
tells the unflinching story of the first oil well
drilled in Nigeria, and how the impact affected a small Nigerian Delta
Village and the lives of those involved.

Part action thriller, part historical eye-opener, “Oloibiri”
is a cautionary tale of a small Nigerian town struggling through a
recession after suddenly finds itself entrenched in a petrol-wealth
landslide. While some embrace the power of big oil development, others
choose a different path, standing militantly against the corporate
empire ravaging the village and killing its residents with polluted
water. As the town’s natural resources are depleted, the epidemic and
unemployment rate rise at an alarming speed, and the once-fertile land
is ravaged by oil spills.

“Olobiri” was written by Samantha Iwowo, directed by
Curtis Graham, and produced by Rogers Ofime and Oge Neliaku—two
Nigerians dedicated to sharing stories of their culture and combating
stereotypes to audiences worldwide. Additional production contributions
include Rightangle Productions Ltd., Theatron Media, Inc., and Grey
House Films. The movie, which is based on real-life events, gives
audiences a Nigerian perspective on a historical phenomenon that wreaked
havoc on a small town, even as it affected the global oil industry.

Lekan Salaam of AfroWest Pictures says: “We were keen to let the
world see the neglect that the village and its people were faced with,
post the discovery of oil in 1956.
Oloibiri lost access to
drinkable water, sustainable farming and fishing. Due to lack of
economic development and high rise in poverty levels, the community is
losing its young generation to militancy, which results in untimely
deaths. To save the lives of Oloibiri children and reduce the call to
arms, we hope the story of Oloibiri will attract both local and foreign
partnership to jump start sustainable economic development through
environmental clean-up, agriculture, renewable energy, fishery, boat
manufacturing and many more. Oloibiri’s cautionary tale couldn’t be more
timely or relevant.”

“Oloibiri” will premiere in Los Angeles on February 3rd
at the Hughes Center Cinemark, The Promenade at Howard Hughes Center,
6081 Center Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90045. The special screening premiere
will began at 7 p.m. with a filmmaker Q&A after the screening.
Additional show times for the film will be offered daily starting on
Saturday, February 4.

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