Alexa in the Car: Ford, Amazon to Provide Access to Shop, Search and Control Smart Home Features on the Road

  • Ford and Amazon team up to offer consumers the ability to access their
    car from home, and call up other features from their vehicle via Alexa
    Amazon’s cloud-based voice service
  • Industry-first in-car Alexa capability through Ford SYNC® 3
    AppLink enables users to listen to audiobooks inside the
    vehicle, search and transfer local destinations to navigation, request
    news, play music, add items to Amazon shopping lists and more
  • Access to Alexa in the car provides ability to command
    internet-enabled functions such as lighting, security systems, garage
    doors and other Alexa smart home devices
  • Available home-to-car features allow electric vehicle owners to start
    and stop their engine, lock and unlock doors, and monitor vehicle
    readings, including fuel level and battery range

LAS VEGAS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Millions of consumers who befriended Amazon Alexa over the last year,
including many who just received an Echo or Echo Dot as a holiday
, will soon be able to experience Alexa like never before from a
Ford vehicle. A new collaboration between Ford Motor Company and Amazon
is making this capability possible.

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for a video demonstration of Amazon Alexa integration with Ford vehicles.

The Alexa integration – the most comprehensive ever in a vehicle –
allows Ford owners to play and resume audiobooks, order items on Amazon,
search for and transfer local destinations to the in-car navigation
system, and more. From home, Ford vehicle owners will be able to remote
start, lock or unlock doors, and get vehicle information using voice

“Ford and Amazon are aligned around a vision that your voice should be
the primary way to interface with your favorite devices and services,”
said Don Butler, executive director, Ford Connected Vehicle and
Services. “Customers will be able to start their vehicles from home, and
manage smart home features while on the road – making life easier.”

Ford will roll out its Alexa integration in two phases. The first,
available later this month, connects you to your car from the comfort of
home through Alexa devices such as Amazon Echo, Echo Dot and Amazon Tap.
The second, expected this summer, allows you to tap into a broad set of
Alexa skills using your voice while driving – helping you keep your eyes
on the road and hands on the wheel.

“We’re excited to work with Ford to enhance the driver experience both
inside and outside of the vehicle,” said Steve Rabuchin, vice president,
Amazon Alexa. “We believe voice is the future, and this is particularly
true in cars. The ability to use your voice to control your smart home,
access entertainment, manage to-do lists and more makes for an
extraordinary driving experience. We can’t wait for Ford customers to
try this out.”

Alexa on the go

Beginning this summer, Ford drivers with SYNC® 3 will be able
to ask Alexa to read weather reports, play music, check news, add items
to shopping lists and more – all from their car. For instance, you could
ask Alexa to add milk or batteries to your shopping list without ever
picking up a pen.

This industry-first in-car capability through Ford SYNC 3 AppLink
simply requires drivers tap the voice recognition button on the steering
wheel, then say “Alexa,” followed by a question or command. Ford is
currently beta-testing this experience with employees.

Inside the vehicle, drivers can ask Alexa to locate a desired
destination. Alexa will use the vehicle location to find nearby
businesses. For example, customers could say, “Alexa, find the nearest
Italian restaurant.” Once the driver chooses the desired destination,
Alexa can transfer the address to the SYNC 3 navigation system.

Customers can also continue experiencing their favorite books from the
road. Using Whispersync for Voice, Alexa will switch to an Audible
audiobook recording to resume reading where the driver left off.

Customers can also access many Alexa smart home devices to control
lighting, security systems, thermostats and more from the vehicle.

Alexa at home

Ford Focus Electric, Fusion Energi and C-MAX Energi owners will be first
to access home-to-car capability using MyFord® Mobile

Through Alexa, Ford plug-in electric vehicle owners can easily control
their vehicle from home using Amazon Echo, Echo Dot or Amazon Tap.
Speaking to Alexa through one of these devices, they can:

  • Start or stop the engine
  • Lock or unlock doors
  • Check range and charge status
  • Learn fuel level
  • Obtain a vehicle mileage summary

At home, interactions with Alexa could include:

User: “Alexa, ask MyFord Mobile to lock my car.”
Alexa: “Sending
lock command to your car.”

User: “Alexa, ask MyFord Mobile to start my car.”
Alexa: “Sending
start command to your car.”

User: “Alexa, ask MyFord Mobile for my range.”
Alexa: “Your vehicle
is 83 percent charged. Electric range is 17 miles, fuel range is 216
miles and overall range is 233 miles.”

Ford is working on adding Alexa home-to-car integration for vehicles
with SYNC
in the future.

SmartDeviceLink support

The collaboration to integrate Alexa into the car introduced Amazon to
Ford’s AppLink software, which provides the protocol for smartphone apps
to communicate with Ford SYNC 3.

AppLink is now built on open source SmartDeviceLink software. This
burgeoning standard was created in 2013 when Ford contributed the
original AppLink code to encourage other automakers to adopt and use the
software to link compatible smartphone apps with their own connectivity

Earlier today, Ford and Toyota, the first automaker to announce adoption
of SmartDeviceLink, announced formation of the SmartDeviceLink
Consortium with four other automakers and several automotive suppliers
as initial members. Amazon announced it will join the consortium to
expand the opportunity of Alexa in the car.

The SmartDeviceLink Consortium will help further improve the open source
software for all members, and give app developers and service providers
expanded opportunities to reach consumers across multiple automaker
product lines.

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