All Work and No P(l)ay This Summer? – Korn Ferry Hay Group Analyzes Positions, Pay and the Cost of Summer Pastimes

LOS ANGELES–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Thinking, dreaming about summer delights and your pay? How many days
must you work to afford a sporty convertible, throw a pool party or pay
for a wedding? The Hay Group division of Korn
(NYSE: KFY) has broken down how many days people with
different jobs would need to work to earn some of summer’s favorite

Using the company’s proprietary PayNet, the world’s largest salary
database, the researchers analyzed the base salaries of 24 job titles
across several functions. They determined how many days it would take
someone with each of those job titles to purchase the average-priced:

  • New convertible
  • Wedding
  • In-ground swimming pool
  • Week-long family vacation for 4
  • Set of golf clubs
  • Backyard barbecue for 20

New Convertible

The priciest item on the list, the average convertible costs $33,560. A
public relations assistant making $50,000 annually would need to work
for 175 days to pay for it. A junior accountant who makes on average
$58,000 a year would have to work 150 days, and a vice president of
finance making on average $239,000 would need to work 37 days to pay for
the car.


Saying “I do” is pricey these days, with the average wedding costing
$26,444. It would take 181 days for a machine operator at a production
plant making $38,000 a year to pay for the celebration. For an IT
application developer with a $76,000 salary it would take 90 days, and
the head of marketing who makes $370,000 could have it paid for with 19
days on the job.

In-Ground Swimming Pool

A retail assistant buyer making $50,000 annually would have to work for
114 days for a pool, a pharmacy manager making $142,000 could pay for it
in 40 days, and an attorney with a salary of $182,000 could afford that
cool swim after 31 days.


Relaxation comes with a price tag. A week-long family vacation for 4
costs on average $4,300. An IT support assistant making $47,000 would
have to work 24 days to pay for it, a paralegal making $66,000 would be
able to pay for the trip in 17 days, and a chief actuary making $266,000
could pay for vacation in 4 days.

Golf Clubs

The head of a research and development function making on average
$219,000 annually could pay for a nice set of clubs after less than a
day on the job. A senior retail buyer making $125,000 annually could pay
for the clubs in 1.7 days, and for an HR generalist making $61,000, the
clubs could be his after working for about 3.5 days.

Backyard Barbecue for 20 Guests

Nothing says summer like brats, chips and cool beverages with friends. A
sales representative making $49,000 annually could pay for the
festivities with just over 2 days’ salary. The head of IT systems making
$199,000 annually could make the celebration happen with what she makes
in half a day, and a chief actuary in the financial services industry
making $266,000 could pay for the party in 3 hours.

“Compensation will vary due to the size and scope of the job, education,
experience, accomplishments, and tenure in an organization or a field,”
said Benjamin Frost, Korn Ferry Hay Group Global Product Manager, Pay.
“But whatever position someone has, thinking about making those ‘dream’
purchases can make even tough days at the office more palatable because
employees can envision the fruits of their labor.”

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