“America, Grow Up: Use A Condom” says AHF in New Ad

New LA outdoor advertising awareness campaign promotes condom usage,
screening for STDs

Healthcare Foundation
(AHF) has unveiled its latest outdoor
advertising campaign with a new election-season message that speaks as
much to the tone of today’s political climate as it does to the steady
stream of announcements from health agencies reporting rising STD and
HIV incidence rates in the U.S.

The “America,
Grow Up. Use a Condom”
 campaign launched this week with teaser bus
benches in selected Los Angeles locations. The ads
build upon the organization’s headline-grabbing
in promoting STD/HIV prevention and responsible sexual
choices across gender lines and sexual orientation.

The artwork begins with a timeworn American flag inspired by U.S. artist
Jasper Johns’s Flag painting, an iconic national work
signifying a resilient nation that has withstood countless challenges.
The campaign’s key message, “America, Grow Up. Use a Condom” is
presented in all caps, a direct nod to the urgency of the call to
action. With outdoor billboards scheduled to follow next week, the ads
direct Angelenos to AHF.org, where visitors can learn more about the
public awareness campaign and locate STD/HIV testing and treatment
services in their area.

“While many European countries have long used frank or even provocative
public health messages to raise awareness, America has been slower to
shed its long-held inhibitions—especially regarding the need for direct,
candid sexual health education,” explains AHF President Michael
. “In this presidential election year, many young Americans
will turn 18 and exercise their right to vote for the first time. As
young people accept the responsibility to become informed members of the
voting population, they—along with all sexually active adults—must be
reminded to become sexually responsible adults by using condoms and
having regular screenings for STDs and HIV.”

According to the Centers
for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC
), young people are the most
at-risk population for contracting STDs, with sexually active males and
females aged 15-24 years acquiring
half of all new STDs

“While the widespread usage of mobile dating apps and America’s ‘hook
up’ culture has made it easier than ever to engage in casual sex, AHF
wants to remind all sexually active people that practicing safer sex by
using condoms is a necessary responsibility that comes with being an
adult,” continued Weinstein.

For more information and to locate AHF’s STD/HIV screening and treatment
services, visit www.useacondom.com
or www.freestdcheck.org.

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organization, currently provides medical care and/or services to over
611,000 individuals in 36 countries worldwide in the US, Africa, Latin
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