Anisa International Survey Reveals a Majority of Women Who Use Makeup Brushes Have No Idea What’s Actually Touching Their Face

ATLANTA–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Women today seem to be obsessed with knowing everything about the
ingredients in what they eat and apply to their skin. Why are they not
asking the same questions about the beauty tools that touch their faces
every day? Shockingly, even though 63 percent of women who use makeup
brushes say the type of material used for their brush head is important
to them, 65 percent do not know what they are actually made of,
according to a recent survey commissioned by Anisa International, a
global leader in the design and creation of unique beauty tools and
solutions. The survey of women was conducted online by Harris Poll in
February 2016.

“Women spend a lot of money on beauty products to enhance the look of
their skin, but they don’t understand that the tool they use for
application is just as important as the product,” said Anisa Telwar
Kaicker, founder and CEO of Anisa International. “The type of fiber used
can have a great impact on skin health and product performance. We want
to inspire women to be curious and to ask questions about the quality of
their makeup brushes.”

In fact, performance is a high priority for women. The majority (96
percent) of women who buy makeup brushes agree that performance is the
most important factor when purchasing these tools, with durability a
close second at 95 percent. Additionally, 79 percent consider
environmentally and ethically responsible manufacturing to be an
important consideration.

“It’s clear that women value how their beauty tools and products
perform,” said Telwar Kaicker. “Before purchasing makeup brushes, women
should consider which fiber provides the best application. In the past,
animal hair was exalted as the only fiber with high-caliber quality and
performance, but existing animal hair no longer holds the same
attributes as decades before. Many of today’s man-made fibers perform
better by providing consistent makeup application and offer a hygienic
solution for women with sensitive skin.”

For beauty companies, significant advancements in makeup products have
generated a demand for exceptional fibers. An industry leader in makeup
brush design, Anisa International has collaborated with top beauty
brands to develop fibers that outperform existing animal hair brushes.
These man-made fibers – the New Natural™ – offer the superior
performance and durability that advanced product formulas require – just
one launch in a continuous stream of fiber innovation.

As more women become educated about their artistry tools and the
importance of knowing what their brushes are made of, there will be an
even greater demand for highly engineered fibers. This inevitable shift
to man-made fibers aligns well with underlying sentiments of women who
purchase make up brushes, as 54 percent say they would only buy brushes
made of man-made fiber.

Anisa International

Anisa International is a global leader in the design and creation of
unique beauty tools and solutions for top brands, transforming the
everyday use of premier cosmetics into a luxurious consumer experience.
Founded in 1992, Anisa is committed to providing clients with innovative
product design, socially responsible manufacturing, expert education,
and marketing support to create the best cosmetic brushes and beauty
accessories on the market. The company maintains a global presence with
more than 600 people at its corporate/creative headquarters in Atlanta;
manufacturing facility in Tianjin, China; New York showroom and design
studio; and sales/marketing offices across the United States, United
Kingdom and China. For more Information:

Survey Methodology

This survey was conducted online within the United States by Harris Poll
on behalf of Anisa International from February 11-15, 2016 among 1,125
U.S. women ages 18 and older. This online survey is not based on a
probability sample and therefore no estimate of theoretical sampling
error can be calculated. For complete survey methodology, including
weighting variables, please contact


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