Apex Protects Investments in Handheld Electronic Devices for Retailers, DCs

Big Savings Generated in Competitive Retail Settings

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–As handheld electronic devices have become critical for the movement of
data and goods in the retail supply chain, so too has come the risk that
most current systems used to manage these critical tools can have major
consequences. Apex Supply Chain Technologies, a global leader in
automated dispensing systems, is providing new opportunities for
retailers and distribution centers to protect the large investments
they’ve made in handheld electronics and point-of-sale (POS) equipment.

“Our customers are achieving large savings in labor time and replacement
costs thanks to Apex technology,” said Kent Savage, president and CEO of
Apex. “When operators of handheld electronic devices check them out of
an automated locker using a personal identification code or badge, we
see over and over again that the level of accountability for those
devices rises dramatically.”

Apex cloud-based lockers automate
of handheld scanners, tablets, smart phones and headsets
to streamline their distribution on each shift, and reduce replacement
costs. Apex
Trajectory™ Cloud
software works with each locker to provide
visibility into usage patterns, inventory levels and item status (such
as recharge or repair).

The result is an elimination of inefficient manual processes and
replacement costs, which translates to an overall cost savings with
higher revenue.

Distribution Centers

Efficient operation of distribution centers requires that associates
have the tools they need to do their jobs. Apex is working with DCs to
secure and manage the handheld electronic devices that are critical to
the daily flow of goods and data. Automated lockers bring increased
control and visibility for each item that operators use. Workers and
management can have confidence that critical equipment will always be
available when and where it is needed and that the equipment will be
ready to use.

The result? An immediate elimination of labor time wasted checking the
devices in and out, supervisor time wasted searching for missing
devices, and money spent ordering replacements of lost items. It all
adds up to higher productivity and profitability.

Retail Stores

In retail stores, efficient management of handheld electronic devices is
critical as well. Apex is working with retailers to lower the
replacement cost for lost and misplaced tablets, headsets, smart phones
and scanners, as well as time wasted searching for them when they turn
up missing. With stronger control and better information, associates can
get to work quickly and supervisors are freed from searching for lost
equipment and working around a broken system. Many retailers find that
this saves as much as 30 minutes per associate per shift.

The cloud-based automated lockers that solve so many of these issues are
on display this week in booth 825 at the NRF’s Big Show in New York City.

About Apex Supply Chain Technologies: Mason, Ohio-based Apex
Supply Chain Technologies is a global leader in automated dispensing
systems for applications in retail, professional, service and industrial
settings. CEO and founder Kent Savage is widely recognized as an
international expert on automated dispensing and technology solutions
and a visionary for innovative applications of the technology. Apex has
managed more than one billion automated vending transactions and serves
thousands of global clients, including more than 300 Fortune 1000
companies. For more information email anywhere@apexsupplychain.com
visit www.apexsupplychain.com/retail
or call +1 (800) 229-7912.


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