Arivale Expands Scientific Wellness Program to California

Individuals across the state can now participate in a personalized,
systems-based, wellness program

SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#scientificwellness–Arivale, a company dedicated to providing individuals a scientific path
to wellness, today announced its availability to residents in
California. Since July 2015, Arivale has helped individuals optimize
their wellness by creating individual, dynamic data clouds based on each
participant’s genetics, clinical labs, gut microbiome, sleep and
activity level.

What Arivale program participants, called Pioneers, find most useful is
they are assigned a professional, licensed health coach who, in
collaboration with an independent physician and clinical team,
translates the Pioneer’s data cloud into actionable recommendations to
assist in achieving their wellness goals. For each Pioneer, Arivale
creates a unique dashboard structured into six health dimensions:
diabetes risk, heart health, healthy aging, inflammation, optimal
nutrition and stress management. The Arivale Coach uses this dashboard
of scientific, personalized wellness as the foundation for developing
individualized action plans for Pioneers to optimize their wellness.

Co-founded by renowned genomics pioneer Leroy Hood, MD PhD, and CEO
Clayton Lewis, Arivale raised $36M in Series B funding in 2015 from
leading venture firms, Maveron,
Venture Partners
and Polaris

“The success of the Arivale program has exceeded all expectations —
based on Pioneer satisfaction, engagement and improvements in wellness,”
said Clayton Lewis. “We selected California as our second launch market
because we’ve received requests from across the state seeking a
data-based program to proactively optimize personalized wellness and we
are thrilled to offer our scientific approach to do just that.”

Arivale’s actionable recommendations, based on each Pioneer’s personal
goals, inspire them to achieve and sustain their wellness potential —
and enable them to focus on what they love in life, rather than fad
diets or trendy workouts.

“While your genetic profile can provide a solid understanding of your
unique makeup, genes are only one piece in determining your wellness,”
said Lewis. “Arivale provides participants with genetic information, and
more importantly takes it much further by correlating genetics with
clinical labs, lifestyle, nutrition and activity levels, which are the
primary drivers of scientific wellness. This systems approach provides
an integrated, scientific foundation for our participants that sets us
apart from any other programs.”

“Arivale is creating a new industry, scientific wellness — by combining
dense, dynamic, personal data clouds and coaching to optimize wellness,”
stated Dr. Hood. “These data clouds enable Arivale to integrate and
correlate genetic and lifestyle information to identify novel
discoveries and provide actionable recommendations for the Arivale
Pioneers. As we collect more data over time, we will work to
exponentially increase the number of actionable possibilities for
optimizing wellness.”

Individuals can enroll in the program by going to
and clicking sign up now on the homepage.

Initial steps in the program include:

  • Completing an online assessment to share goals, health history,
    lifestyle (diet, exercise, sleep patterns), stress levels, personality
    and happiness
  • Completing independent certified lab work at sites throughout
  • Meeting, via phone, the Arivale Coach who will help translate your
    data and design a personalized wellness program — based on your
    lifestyle and priorities to help you achieve your goals

Arivale works closely with a Scientific Advisory Board comprised
of a distinguished group of global leaders in their respective fields,

  • Frances Arnold, PhD, California Institute of Technology
  • George Church, PhD, Harvard Medical School
  • Jim Heath, PhD, California Institute of Technology
  • Leroy Hood, MD, PhD, Institute for Systems Biology (chair)
  • Ed Lazowska, PhD, University of Washington
  • Larry Smarr, PhD, University of California, San Diego
  • Ralph Snyderman, MD, Duke University
  • Bonnie Spring, PhD, Northwestern University
  • Eric Topol, MD, Scripps Research Institute (uncompensated)

In addition, Gil Omenn, MD, PhD has joined the Scientific Advisory
Board. Dr. Omenn is a global pioneer in the field of medical genetics
and has been on the national stage shaping this nation’s health policy
for decades. He has held numerous prestigious academic and scientific
leadership appointments including serving as CEO of the University of
Michigan (UM) Health System and executive vice president for medical
affairs from 1997-2002 and dean of the University of Washington School
of Public Health & Community Medicine from 1982-1997. He currently is
the director of the UM Center for Computational Medicine &
Bioinformatics and also leads the global Human Proteome Project. He is a
past president of the American Association for the Advancement of
Science and a member of the National Academy of Medicine. Dr. Omenn
received his A.B. degree from Princeton University, M.D. degree from
Harvard Medical School, and Ph.D. in genetics from the University of

About Arivale

Arivale is a scientific wellness company that leverages cutting-edge
research, personalized data and tailored coaching supported by a
clinical team to help Pioneers optimize their wellness. Arivale provides
a scientific wellness program based on personalized, unique genetic
makeup, external independent clinical labs and the Pioneer’s lifestyle.
Launched in 2015 and based in Seattle, Arivale is backed by leading
scientists and investors with a strong track record in health, wellness,
biotech breakthroughs and in building top-tier consumer brands. To learn
more, visit
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