Arivale Launches First-of-its-Kind Weight Loss Program—Based on Scientific Wellness

Novel Weight Loss program combines Arivale’s “Scientific Wellness”
program launched in July, 2015 with clinically-based strategies to help
participants achieve healthy, sustainable weight loss

SEATTLE–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Arivale, a company dedicated to providing individuals a scientific path
to wellness, today launched a unique and specialized Weight Loss
program, which is grounded in the principles of Scientific Wellness. The
Arivale Weight Loss program is distinct because it creates a unique
dense, dynamic data set for each participant as the foundation for
developing a unique and personalized healthy and sustainable weight loss
managed by a dedicated coach.

Scientific wellness is based on a systems approach, taking an
integrated, more in-depth look at a person’s wellness, including
genetics, clinical test results from independent labs and detailed
environmental factors including stress, sleep, activity level and family
history. Based on this rich set of data, Arivale develops individually
tailored coaching including ongoing diet, exercise and lifestyle
recommendations, critical for long-term success.

“Research is clear, people who struggle with excess body weight are
dealing with a complex scenario of biological, genetic, behavioral and
environmental factors,” said Dr. Jennifer Lovejoy, Arivale’s chief
translational science officer, internationally renowned obesity expert
and architect of the new Weight Loss program. “And for the first time in
my career, a systems approach is available to address the inherent
complexity of losing weight and help people optimize their wellness.”

Arivale’s new Weight Loss program includes tailored dietary
interventions considering relevant research, combined with the
participant’s genetic makeup, clinical lab data from independent labs
and personal dietary preferences, as well as certified coaching on
behavior change. The program is designed for individuals who have not
been successful in long-term weight loss, and may have tried fad or
crash diets, but have struggled to maintain weight loss over time. The
program objective is to help participants who would clinically benefit
from losing five to ten percent of their total body weight within a
target of three to six months and build on this progress.

Participants in the Arivale program work with Arivale Coaches, all of
whom are licensed health care professionals such as Registered Dietitian
Nutritionists (RDNs), Masters trained Certified Nutritionists (CNs) or
Registered Nurses (RNs), and all are uniquely trained in systems biology
and behavior change science. When participants sign up, they will
immediately begin working with a coach to develop a roadmap for success.
Six weeks into the program, their clinical biomarkers and genetic data
are provided from external, independent clinical labs and incorporated
into the action plan, which enables their coach to further work with
participants to personalize their program.

In designing Arivale’s specialized Weight Loss program, Dr. Lovejoy and
her colleagues built on the success that many of the current Arivale
participants have achieved in meeting their weight loss goals. While
results are based on specific participant performance, one participant
had the following results: “What works for your body, your genetics—that
doesn’t lie. It’s been transformational for me. I haven’t gained back a
pound.” – Heather, Arivale Pioneer

Arivale Coaches help participants understand how their unique genetics
may potentially influence factors such as: Lifetime obesity risk,
increased obesity risk with aging, high waist circumference, weight gain
with dietary fat, weight gain with dietary carbs, weight gain with
inactivity, taste preference, and other health dimensions including:
heart health, diabetes risk, inflammation, stress management, optimal
nutrition and toxin sensitivity.

“While we are clear about the amount of time, energy and effort
participants must dedicate to see results, we provide the roadmap and
resources for them to succeed,” said Dr. Lovejoy.

The Weight Loss program includes all the benefits of the current Arivale
Scientific Wellness program, and more. Special features include:

  • Polygenic profiles, which associate the potential genetic influence of
    multiple curated, genetic variants on a participant’s weight, where
    they accumulate the extra pounds, as well as response to certain types
    and foods and exercise
  • Blood and saliva analysis for more than 100 genetic and biological
    measurements related to overall wellness, including hormones like
    Leptin—which signals fullness to the body
  • A systems approach to overall wellness with an increased focus on the
    lifestyle and behavior changes required for long-term success
  • Intensive, phone-based coaching with a dedicated Arivale Coach who can
    translate data, support individuals in creating sustainable lifestyle
    changes, understand the needs and challenges of participant and
    celebrate their success
  • Emphasis on long-term, incremental, sustainable weight loss and weight

“We launched our Weight Loss program now because of the success we have
seen with many of our participants in achieving their weight loss
objectives with our scientific wellness program,” said Clayton Lewis,
co-founder and CEO of Arivale.

Unfortunately, most weight loss programs fail because they take a
one-size fits all ‘cookie-cutter’ approach. Arivale’s personalized
program is designed to inspire participants to stay focused, empower
them to achieve sustainable behavioral change and ultimately, create
lasting results.

The Weight Loss program is available to residents of Washington, Oregon
and California and is currently available at introductory pricing
through February—$2,999 one-time payment for the first year, or a $1,999
payment with $99 in 11 additional monthly payments. Individuals can
enroll in the program by going to
and clicking sign up now. New enrollees will immediately
receive a Fitbit Charge 2 and Fitbit Aria scale, both of which will
easily link to their Arivale dashboard, so data can be shared with the
Coach and progress tracked as part of the weight loss action plan.

About Arivale

Arivale is a scientific wellness company that leverages cutting-edge
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clinical team to help Pioneers optimize their wellness. Arivale provides
a scientific wellness program based on personalized, unique genetic
makeup, data provided from external independent clinical labs and the
participants lifestyle. Arivale is backed by leading scientists and
investors with a strong track record in health, wellness, biotech
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