Ask4UFE Launches #LoveYourUterus Campaign

DALLAS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#Ask4UFE–Ask4UFE is pleased to announce the #LoveYourUterus
to encourage women with painful fibroids to share their
stories of health and healing. Uterine fibroids, non-cancerous tumors
that grow within the uterus, often result in women having hysterectomies
because they are unaware of a less-invasive procedure, uterine fibroid
embolization (UFE). Lynne
, a prominent radio personality in Dallas, Texas, chose to share
her recent experience with UFE so that other women in similar situations
know that there is another option when dealing with painful fibroids.

Dr. Suzanne Slonim of Precision Vascular & Interventional recently
performed the UFE procedure for Ms. Haze. Since moving to Dallas in
2000, Dr. Slonim has become a leader in the Interventional Radiology
field. She practices all aspects of Interventional Radiology and has
special interests in uterine fibroid embolization, interventional
oncology, pain management procedures, and treatment of peripheral
vascular disease.

“When I first met Lynne, I was struck by the pain she described to me
that she’s experienced for years because of her painful fibroids,” said
Dr. Slonim. “Lynne already had undergone surgery in an attempt to
mitigate her symptoms to no avail. After performing her UFE, I’m happy
to report that Lynne is living fibroid-free for the first time in years.”

UFE provides relief from symptomatic fibroids, while also allowing women
to avoid the higher risks and much longer recovery from surgery. Most
important, with UFE, women keep their uterus, which is a significant and
often unappreciated advantage over hysterectomy due to the prevalent
consequences many women suffer post-hysterectomy.

“I want women to know that they have a choice, that there is a choice
that you don’t have to spend six weeks of your life laid up in bed,”
said Lynne Haze, prominent radio host in Dallas. “That there is a choice
that this could be something where if you still want to have children,
you can have children. You don’t have to have your uterus removed. There
is another alternative that people need to know about, and I am really
passionate about it. I am so passionate about getting the word out to
women to say it’s okay, look at me!”

To follow Lynne’s fibroid-free journey, check out the #LoveYourUterus campaign
, and follow along on social media using the #LoveYourUterus.

Uterine fibroid embolization begins with a tiny incision that gives the
interventional radiologist doctor access to uterine arteries feeding the
fibroids. The doctor then passes a catheter, a small hollow tube,
through the incision, guiding it near the fibroids. Once the catheter is
near the fibroids, microspheres (tiny biocompatible spheres smaller than
grains of sand) are released into the blood vessels feeding the
fibroids. Fibroids are treated from both the right and left uterine
arteries so that the blood flow feeding the fibroids is blocked, causing
the fibroids to shrink and alleviating symptoms. The entire procedure
lasts typically less than an hour and is often performed as an
outpatient procedure. The average recovery time before patients return
to work or their normal daily activities is approximately one week.

The embolic spheres used in this procedure are called Embosphere®
and are manufactured by Merit Medical Systems, Inc.
(MMSI). According to Merit Medical’s website, Embosphere®
are the most widely used material for UFE procedures,
with more than 350,000 procedures worldwide, 15 years of clinical
experience, and studied in at least 200 journals.

For more information about this procedure and to find a physician in
your area, visit

About Ask4UFE

is a program established to educate women about uterine fibroids and
their treatment options, mainly uterine fibroid embolization (UFE). With
a less invasive approach, and an alternative to a hysterectomy, UFE uses
Merit Medical’s Embosphere®
to block the blood vessels feeding the fibroids. With
their blood flow blocked, the fibroids shrink and symptoms
improve. Embosphere® Microspheres were FDA cleared for UFE in 2002 and
are the most extensively studied spherical embolic product worldwide.
Please consult the product labels and inserts for any indications,
contraindications, potential complications, warnings, precautions, and
directions for use. To learn more about UFE, visit or call
877-Ask4UFE to schedule a consultation.

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