Athletic TIPS™ Offers Online “Tips” to Support Healthier Athletes

™ (Towards Injury Prevention in Sports), a national,
not-for-profit organization that drives expanded awareness and education
around the role of multi-disciplinary care in the recognition,
management and prevention of sports-related injuries, now provides its
Web visitors with educational
tips and resources
to optimize health and enhance athletic
performance. Developed by multi-disciplinary health care professionals
and industry leaders, the tips offer specific recommendations to address
common sports injuries, with opportunities to purchase relevant
equipment and treatment modalities.

Joe Carabello, co-founder, Athletic TIPS™, explains, “We’re
empowering amateur athletes, their parents, coaches, and educators with
the appropriate information to properly prevent, recognize and manage
injuries to promote a faster and safer return to play.”

To date, the online tips database, found at,
showcases a number of topics including:

  • The Real Perfect Push-Up Beats the Bench Press
  • Shoulder Moves Keep Pitchers Throwing Strong
  • Swimmers: Dive Into a Shoulder-Saving Routine
  • The Secret to Speeding Up Your Tennis Serve
  • Meet Your New Stretching Partner: The TheraBand CLX
  • Bigger, Better Muscles, No Weights Required
  • The Surgery-Free Way to Relieve Shoulder Pain
  • Hockey Players: Learn the NHL’s Secret Weapon Against Groin Strains
  • Avoid Repeat Ankle Sprains with These Four Simple Moves
  • Hip Strength Can Ward Off Groin Strains in Male Soccer Players
  • Women, Strengthen Your Hips to Beat Knee Pain
  • Ideal Carbohydrate Intake: Whole Grains, Brown Rice, Whole Wheat
    Pastas, Sweet Potatoes & Naturally Occurring Carbs
  • Excellent, Natural Fat Sources: Meats, Eggs, Nuts, Seeds, Olive Oil
    and Butter
  • Say NO to Processed Protein and Dairy, Opt for Unprocessed Sources
  • Hydration Rule – Events Less Than 60 Minutes Opt for Water, Events (Or
    HOT Days) More Than 60 Minutes, Opt for A Sports Drink
  • Post-Event Recovery – Shakes Offer Optimal Protein/Carbohydrate Intake

Kent S. Greenawalt, chairman, Athletic TIPS™ and chairman and CEO of
Foot Levelers, Inc., states, “Simply put, knowledge is power. We are in
an era of technology and this ground-breaking, online platform
instantaneously provides individuals nationwide with a solid foundation
to ramp up their knowledge on effective techniques and gear to optimize
wellness, on and off the field.”

Athletic TIPS™ began its developmental activities under a grant provided
by the Foundation for Chiropractic Education.

About Athletic TIPS™

Athletic TIPS™ (Towards Injury Prevention in Sports) is the only
not-for-profit, national organization that provides education and drives
expanded awareness around the role of multi-disciplinary care in the
recognition, prevention and management of sports-related injuries.
Introducing opportunities for optimized health that enhance athletic
performance, Athletic TIPS™ offers education and community workshops
designed for amateur athletes K-12 through college, as well as their
parents, coaches, athletic trainers, and educators. Athletic TIPS™
implements grass roots initiatives in communities nationwide and began
its developmental activities under a grant provided by the Foundation
for Chiropractic Education. Visit


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