Atlantic Natural Foods Announces the Acquisition of Neat Foods, LLC to Add to Their Portfolio of Protein-Based Healthy Meat Alternatives

NASHVILLE, N.C.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Atlantic Natural Foods (ANF) of Nashville, NC, announced today that it
has concluded the acquisition of Neat Foods, LLC of Lancaster,
Pennsylvania to add to their family of shelf-stable protein-based
healthy meat alternatives.

“At ANF, we believe that the addition of Neat® helps us to create a true
center-of-the-store shelf-stable category presence of healthy meat
alternatives for present and future consumers,” said Kelly Krause, CEO
of Atlantic Natural Foods. “Neat will join our current shelf-stable
offerings; the iconic Loma Linda® brand with over 100 years of history,
as well as our Caroline’s™ brand which offers consumers the option of a
Non-GMO Project Verified product. We continue to build upon the
challenge of bringing great tasting, healthy, sustainable, portable
meatless protein alternatives to the market.”

Neat offers 100% all-natural, gluten and soy-free shelf-stable
vegetarian/vegan foods. The products are made primarily of pecans and
garbanzos beans including neat spices to create Original, Italian,
Mexican, and Breakfast meatless dishes and recently introduced the Neat
Egg™ which is an all-natural vegan egg substitute to compliment the
products and maintain the commitment to a healthier lifestyle.

Laura Lapp, co-founder of Neat Foods, who started the company in 2012
with her husband Phil says, “We are excited about the future with ANF as
this allows us to broaden the reach to consumers searching for meatless
options. Our daughters inspired us to develop a meat-alternative for
vegetarians and now with ANF we will have support to see this dream
become a reality.”

“But that’s not all, new products are already in the pipeline that will
take full advantage of Laura and the two super creators, Morgan and
Kaitlyn, working along with the ANF team to bring these to market,”
commented Kelly Krause.

“Good synergies exist between the companies which will only enhance the
future in the developing healthy living food space,” said AFT General
Partner J. Douglas Hines. “Good People committed to the future is what
really makes a difference and that is what we saw in the Lapps’. The
commitment to investing in developing concepts and people – especially
within tomorrow’s lifestyle market – is at the core of our strategies.”

Details on the transaction are not available, except it is a multi-year
commitment between the companies to ensure the growth into the future.
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About Atlantic Natural Foods:
ANF is the leading U.S.
producer of canned alternative vegetable based protein products and
markets the Loma Linda® and Caroline’s™ brands. It also
markets Kaffree RomaTM, which is a line of caffeine-free
roasted grain instant beverage products. Based in Nashville, NC, the
company operates its own product development kitchen, manufacturing, and
distribution facilities. Products are available through the United
States at many natural foods and grocery retailers as well as through

Learn more about Atlantic Natural Foods at
or contact the company at 252-212-9000 Ext. 102 or

About Neat Foods
Neat® offers 100% all-natural, innovative
gluten and soy-free vegetarian/vegan foods to consumers who are looking
to reduce or eliminate animal based protein in their diets without
sacrificing their favorite recipes. Neat Foods was founded in 2012.


Atlantic Natural Foods
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