Aureus Prep Founder Shares College Selection Tips

LOS ANGELES–(BUSINESS WIRE)–As high school seniors across the country finalize their college
decisions and commitments for fall, the collective nervous energy of
high school juniors (as well as sophomores, freshmen and their families)
begins to mount. Are the right steps being taken to prepare for
university? Have you started to consider what school(s) might be right
for you?

This new phase can be daunting for any family. Fortunately, one of the
nation’s most successful college admissions experts, Jodi Redmond of Aureus
, has offered up a checklist of topics to consider when thinking
of what schools to apply to.

For high school students thinking about what school to pursue, Redmond
recommends the good, old-fashioned pro-and-con list. This will help
students narrow down what they are looking for in higher education and
have something to work towards moving forward.

The primary topics to consider, according to Redmond, are:

1. Location: Is it important to have a school near family? Rural or
urban? Is weather a factor?

2. Size: Do you prefer a big or small campus? What’s the class size in
freshman courses at the schools you are considering?

3. Area of study: Do the schools you are considering have the research
opportunities you need? Do they offer the majors (and minors) you are
interested in?

4. Sports: Do you want a Division 1 school? Or would you prefer to stay
as far away from athletic activities as possible?

5. Finances/financial aid/scholarships: What do the various schools
offer? How do they stack up, in terms of affordability?

6. School culture/fit: Does the school fit your politics? Your way of
life? East Coast vs. West Coast?

7. Extracurricular/student organizations: If you are going to a small
liberal arts school, what are your options?

Redmond stresses that these topics are just the beginning of what should
be a carefully managed process leading toward the application process.

For more than a decade, Jodi Redmond and Aureus Prep have provided
students around the world with a unique style of college admissions
counseling and tutoring.
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