AWESOME report outlines steps needed to advance women as leaders

Individuals are encouraged to seize opportunities, own their
accomplishments, and build a trusted network – but companies need to
step up, too.

DES PLAINES, Ill.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Women need to drive their own advancement by seizing opportunities,
owning their accomplishments, and building a trusted network — but they
can’t do it alone, according to a new REALITY CHECK released by
AWESOME (Achieving Women’s Excellence in Supply Chain Operations,
Management and Education). The fifth volume in a series of reports with
insights collected at the annual AWESOME Symposium focuses on “How We
Make Things Happen – Reaching New Levels of Leadership.”

To identify successful strategies for advancing women’s leadership,
AWESOME involves top leaders in the supply chain industry as well as
leaders in other fields. The new REALITY CHECK also includes
candid lessons from top women in sport, members of a panel presented by
NIKE, the 2016 Symposium’s Host Partner.

According to Dr. Nancy Nix, AWESOME Executive Director, “A perception
exists that women are making significant strides in our profession,
which is true in some respects. For example, our network of women in
senior leadership roles now numbers more than 850, but that still
represents only a small percentage of the highest levels of supply chain

“Our recent research reveals a pattern of women entering the field and
then still hitting barriers as they advance. While many companies value
diversity, fewer are actually setting goals, taking action and measuring
effectiveness,” she explained. (The 2016 study
conducted by AWESOME in collaboration with Gartner Research found that,
among those surveyed, women comprise approximately 35% of the supply
chain workforce, but only 5% of the highest roles of Chief Supply Chain
Officer, SVP or EVP.)

All five volumes of REALITY CHECK are available for download on


AWESOME is a groundbreaking leadership organization launched in early
2013 by Ann Drake, Chairman and CEO of DSC Logistics. In 2012, she was
the first woman to receive the Distinguished Service Award from the
Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP) in the 47 years
since the award was established in 1965. This honor inspired her to take
action to expand opportunities for women’s supply chain leadership.
Since then, the AWESOME network has grown to include more than 850
senior-level leaders representing the full spectrum of supply chain
organizations and leadership roles. The AWESOME mission includes
effecting progress and change through networking, collaboration,
awareness and recognition, learning and inspiration. For more


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