Back-to-School Backpacks: F4CP Alerts Parents About Weight Overloads, Impact Upon Posture and Health

HASBROUCK HEIGHTS, N.J.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#BackToSchool–According to a study published in the Journal
of Pediatric Orthopedics
, students bearing excessive
weight in their backpacks can develop long-lasting back pain, among a
multitude of serious health conditions including neck pain, tingling and
numbness of the arms and shoulders, headaches, muscle spasms and
postural decline. As the back-to-school season quickly approaches, the Foundation
for Chiropractic Progress
(F4CP), the leading voice of the
chiropractic profession, calls attention to the safety concerns
associated with carrying heavy backpacks and validates the significant
impact of postural habits on overall health.

“Over time, the heavy weight of a backpack can cause an unnatural
alignment of the spine as students are forced to offset the pressure by
arching the back or bending forward at the hips,” states Sherry
McAllister, DC, executive vice president, F4CP, who notes that the
weight of a backpack should be no more than five to 10 percent of an
individual’s body weight. She continues, “To help combat
backpack-related postural stress, students should consider bags that
offer multiple compartments and tightened, padded straps worn on both
shoulders to help appropriately position and distribute weight.”

In addition to the added stress that backpacks place on the spine,
students who are prone to slouching, rounding the shoulders, or
protruding the head forward may experience further pain from sitting at
a desk for prolonged periods of time. Doctors of chiropractic (DCs) –
who receive a minimum of seven years of higher level education –
specialize in spinal health and wellness and are specifically trained to
provide hands-on care that helps to naturally align and strengthen the
spine, as well as counsel patients about nutrition, exercise and proper
body positioning tips.

“Addressing postural habits is especially important while children and
adolescents are still growing, as they are more inclined to implement
strong body mechanics at an early age, essentially avoiding the impact
of improper alignment later on in life. The slogan to remember for good
posture is practice makes permanent, so practice good posture,” shares
Dr. McAllister. “To prevent backpack-related pain or discomfort, I
recommend consulting a doctor of chiropractic to learn more about how to
reduce the risk of injury and back pain, and to improve overall spinal
configuration, muscle support and health.”

For additional information regarding the importance of backpack safety
and the value of chiropractic care, please view the F4CP’s public
service announcement here.

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