Backend Provider Heroic Labs Announces Partnership with UpDownLeftRight

Popular cross-platform API to drive upcoming wearable activity tracker

and UpDownLeftRight
(UDLR) have entered a partnership to radically change the way kids play
(and pay) for in-game content. The integration of Heroic Labs’
cross-platform APIs with UDLR’s advanced wearable activity trackers will
lead the charge toward a more active, healthy future for gamers

According to the ‘Trust for America’s Health’ Annual Report (2007), over
45% of US 12-17 year olds spend more than two hours per day glued to a
screen — and more than 1 in 7 children are overweight. With AB, the
upcoming wristband developed by UDLR, the days of spending hours on the
couch are over. Everyday activities such as walking, running, jumping,
and throwing become activity points that can be used to unlock
special in-game items and/or currency. More than an incentive to
exercise, UDLR’s platform will also allow developers to ethically
monetize under-18 players — and help parents teach kids how to manage
their in-game finances through a regular allowance (“top ups”).

Game studios and other UDLR partners will be able to easily integrate
Heroic Labs’ API and hardware extensions into their titles; they
will also receive free devkits and early access to the official Software
Development Kit (SDK). Naturally, UDLR partners will also be able to
host their games on Heroic Labs’ proven scalable infrastructure —
expertly blending multiplayer gameplay and/or social features with
UDLR’s activity-driven input.

“Working with UpDownLeftRight has been fantastic,” says Chris Molozian,
CEO of Heroic Labs. “UpDownLeftRight’s next-generation wristband will
get kids off the couch and into the action through measurable, crucially
important physical exercise. We’re thrilled that Heroic Lab’s advanced
cross-platform API was chosen to bring additional features to such an
important product to market. ”

“Heroic Labs’ APIs are easy to use and very robust — not only handling
parts of our wearable’s backend in games that run on their platform, but
also powering the UpDownLeftRight-specific features in compatible titles
that utilize Heroic Labs’ unique APIs,” says James King, CEO of
UpDownLeftRight. “We couldn’t wish for a more knowledgeable and capable

UpDownLeftRight’s wearable activity tracker is expected to launch in Q2

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About UpDownLeftRight

UpDownLeftRight (formerly PowaBand) is a wearable gaming and payment
platform that allows game developers, studios and publishers to
integrate and create amazing mobile and console games powered by kids’
activities. UpDownLeftRight also makes it possible for developers to
monetize the under-18 market via a value-store, permission-driven
approach to IAPs — changing the way young people play and pay. To learn
more about UpDownLeftRight, please visit

About Heroic Labs

Heroic Labs’ goal is to help developers build beautiful social and
multiplayer games that work at a massive scale. Based in London, Heroic
Labs was founded in 2015 by Chris Molozian (CEO), Mo Firouz (COO), and
Andrei Mihu (CTO) — engineers with specialist expertise in scalable,
distributed infrastructure. Prior to founding Heroic Labs, the team
worked on analytics, mobile APIs, and distributed database technology
used by game studios such as Riot Games and Rovio Entertainment. To
learn more about Heroic Labs, please visit


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