Banks, Credit Unions Maintain High Demand for IMM’s eTransaction Automation

Financial institutions implement broader digital environments to cut
costs, increase efficiency & enhance customer engagement

a provider of eTransaction automation solutions for the modern business
enterprise, continues to attract new customers as well as expand
existing customer relationships with banks and credit unions for its
suite of eTransaction automation solutions.

Financial institutions select IMM’s solutions to enhance the consumer
experience and transform their back office operations. Highlights from
client orders showcase the strength and demand for the full spectrum of
IMM’s eTransaction suite across the financial services industry.
eSignatures made up 57 percent of new orders in the first half of 2016,
while eTeller solutions were 22 percent and eWorkflow rounded out the
remaining 21 percent.

Of particular note is that organizations that initially select one of
IMM’s eTransaction solutions continue to expand their relationship by
incorporating additional solutions over time. In the first half of 2016,
86 percent of orders came from existing IMM clients with the remaining
14 percent originating from net new clients. This highlights not only
the value that banks and credit unions derive from IMM’s technology, but
also reflects favorably upon the company’s reputation for client service
and a commitment to client success.

“Our eTransaction automation services greatly improve the efficiency of
everyday operations across departments while delivering consumers the
quick, convenient banking experience they’ve come to expect,” said Chuck
Klein, CEO, IMM. “Shifting to a fully digital transaction environment
naturally lowers costs and elevates both internal and industry-mandated
compliance requirements. The transition away from paper-driven banking
is not a trend, but rather a real need. Otherwise financial institutions
will not remain competitive nor relevant within their respective

IMM’s eTransaction automation suite includes eSignature, eWorkflow,
eTeller and eLoan services. These work both distinctly and in concert to
provide banks and credit unions with digital, paperless experiences. In
addition to establishing new relationships with financial institutions,
several longstanding customers continue to expand their scope of IMM
solutions. Either deploying new offerings or finding fresh uses for the
technology already in place, customers are seeing more value in having a
more complete eTransaction automation environment from IMM.

The company in large part attributes this sustained demand for its
offerings to the ongoing innovation and investment into product
development. IMM’s solutions are also highly compatible and easily
configurable with virtually any core or third-party technology. As
financial institutions replace or transition to new business systems,
cores or LOS, they take IMM with them to seamlessly connect to most
business or backend imaging platforms.

“It is becoming very common for financial institutions to implement
additional components of our eTransaction automation suite once they
experience positive results,” Klein added. “With the support of our
expert team, IMM customers receive counsel well past implementation,
showing them new ways to derive optimal value from their investment with
us across the institution.”

About IMM

IMM provides complete eTransaction automation to more than 650 U.S.
organizations. The company’s fully integrated eSignature, eWorkflow,
eLoan and eTeller solutions make transacting easy and convenient for the
consumer while creating a more efficient, cost effective and compliant
business environment. Any organization needing to remove paper and
create mobility within its contract or transaction management lifecycle
can benefit from IMM’s services, including financial services,
healthcare, insurance, real estate, life sciences, government, legal and
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