Bedtime Math App Now Available in Spanish for iOS and Android

Daily math problems translated from English to Spanish to help
Spanish-speaking kids and parents strengthen math skills

announced today the release of its highly acclaimed app in
Spanish for iOS and Android, which is available for free download at the Apple
App Store
and Google
Play Store
. Since its launch in 2012, Bedtime Math has written over
1,600 playful math problems, garnering more than 100,000 loyal email
followers and 125,000 app downloads over its brief lifetime. Its
Spanish-translation presents an exciting opportunity to engage with a
broader audience.

Bedtime Math delivers quick, engaging math story problems every day for
kids aged three to nine to enjoy with their parents. The playful opening
story is followed by three levels of increasing challenges (Wee Ones,
Little Kids, Big Kids). A recent University
of Chicago study
found that children who did Bedtime Math improved
their math achievement on average by three months more than children who
didn’t use it. Most notably, children of the most math-anxious parents
who chose to do Bedtime Math had gains of half a school year, narrowing
the “math anxiety gap.”

“Any math app can show two plus two equals four, or sport colorful art
or sound effects,” said Laura Overdeck, founder of Bedtime Math. “But
while most apps leave children working on their own, parents and kids do
Bedtime Math together. By using the Bedtime Math app, even the most
math-anxious parents can add a little ‘math talk’ to their daily
routine. With more than 41 million native Spanish speakers in the U.S.,
we’re excited to offer our app in Spanish, and hope to help hundreds of
thousands more kids love and embrace math.”

In addition to its translation into Spanish, a dozen new animations and
interface improvements have been made, making usage easier for parents
and children. The Spanish language app will also include an archive of
Bedtime Math’s existing daily math problems and puzzles.

For more information about the Bedtime Math app, or to speak with
Bedtime Math founder Laura Overdeck, contact Sandy LoPiccolo at
908-444-4532 or

About Bedtime Math Foundation

Bedtime Math Foundation is a Summit-based nonprofit organization that
seeks to put the fun and discovery back into learning math. Its core
product is a zany online math problem that parents can do with their
kids every day; a recent study
from the University of Chicago showed that when families do Bedtime Math
together, kids’ math skills improve by months. Bedtime Math is also the
creator of Crazy 8s, a lively, hands-on after-school math club that has
donated more than 5,000 club kits nationwide, serving more than 80,000
children. For more information, visit


Bedtime Math Foundation
Sandy LoPiccolo,
Director of Communications