Beepi Releases First Ever App to Buy Cars Completely From an iPhone

People Can Comparison Shop & Use Apple Pay or Credit Cards to Buy
from Absolutely Anywhere

the leading marketplace to seamlessly buy and sell cars online, today
released the first app that enables people to fully buy cars through
their iPhones. The Beepi iOS app gives car buyers the ability to
comparison shop for their favorite cars and complete purchases in app
for vehicles from wherever they are.

“With this app, for the first time people can buy cars from absolutely
anywhere and in only five minutes. At Beepi, our goal is to
revolutionize a system that can be incredibly time-consuming and
complicated. Now all you need to buy a car is a mobile phone. This is a
game changer,” said Beepi’s CEO Ale Resnik.

As with any Beepi purchase, buyers can take advantage of a generous
10-day money-back guarantee. The app experience also provides the option
of purchasing cars with credit cards or Apple Pay, enabling the
convenience of a one-touch payment all through a mobile phone. While
Beepi offers free 3,000-mile bumper-to-bumper warranties with every car,
buyers also have the ability to purchase extended Peace of Mind. They
can even select the color of the bow to be placed on their car at
delivery, all through the app. In addition, people who want to keep
track of their favorite makes and models can set up a “Beep me when
available” notification to get alerts when those cars are available for

The Beepi iOS app includes the following features:

  • Pay in full completely in app with Apple Pay or up to five credit cards
  • Full search & filtering capability of Beepi’s inventory of certified
  • “Beep me when available” notifications to be alerted when favorite
    makes/models are available
  • Bow Selector, allowing buyers to choose the bow adorning their car
    upon delivery; choice of 12 colors, plus special limited edition
    red/green or blue/silver combination bows for the holidays
  • Ability to add Extended Peace of Mind warranty coverage

The iOS app is free and now available for download from the App Store.

About Beepi

Beepi is the first company to take certified pre-owned car sales
entirely online. A peer-to-peer marketplace, Beepi is a new way to buy
or sell a quality car, giving consumers a superior experience that is
fast, secure and fun. Beepi performs an exhaustive 185-point inspection
before any car is made available on; guarantees all listed
cars will sell within 30 days; provides a 3,000-mile bumper-to-bumper
warranty for purchased vehicles and offers a 10-day money-back
guarantee. Beepi has been licensed by the Department of Motor Vehicles
since December 2013. For more information, please visit


Lisa Broock, 202-441-0219
Drigotas, 207-939-2145