Berry Brown Announces Launch of Spring & Summer Decorative Arts Pillow Collections 2012

Berry Brown announces the launch of their new 2012 Spring and Summer

pillow collections Tuesday.

Along with Berry Brown classic orange signature pillows for Spring and

Summer, Brown debut’s the expansion of her classic pillow collection

with two new colors combinations for the warmer seasons.

From the runways to the living rooms, dining rooms, & bedrooms blue is

one of the hottest colors for Spring/Summer 2012. The Berry Brown pillow

collection pairs their signature powder blue fabric with a deep purple

to create a fabulous and luxurious home accessory to be used for

everyday living. The BB Classic Pillows are also coming out in a bold

gold canvas for the upcoming season. This signature print Berry Brown

pairs with a crepe-like cotton in a watermelon hue to create an

additional airy and seasonal opportunity for beauty and style.

Designer Berry Brown’s BB Classic Pillow Collection incorporates

Brown’s love of antique-inspired design and her interest in working with

quality yet accessible materials.

“This line pairs my love of tradition with my desire for style, quality

and innovation. There is so much joy in finding beauty in unexpected

places. Pillows seem like an unexpected place to find such an immense

amount of beauty, that’s why I love this home element to exemplify our

signature style” –Designer Berry Brown

The Spring/Summer 2012 collection continues to enhance the portfolio and

further demonstrate Berry’s passion and design aesthetic to create

modern interpretations of elegant, timeless style for BB.

BB products are available for purchase online at