Bill Blass Set to Launch Globally November 2nd

America’s First Fashion Brand Now The First Global eCommerce-only
Designer Brand, Under Creative Director Chris Benz

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Established in 1970, Bill Blass led the way for American designer
brands. Today, the brand is poised to re-enter the market with a
thoroughly modern strategy, catering exclusively to eCommerce customers
worldwide. The launch collection, designed under Creative Director Chris
Benz, includes women’s ready-to-wear, handbags, accessories and shoes,
shipping to over 65 countries beginning November 2nd.

The pure-play eCommerce strategy was born from a desire to service
consumers in the most responsive and contemporary way. “We are advancing
the brand in a way that is digital for today and tomorrow while honoring
the brand’s philosophical origin and illustrious past,” says Bill Blass
President & COO, Stuart Goldblatt.

Breathing new life into the Bill Blass brand is Chris Benz, a
young designer with an eponymous line already under his belt, who will
use his social media savvy – he has over 200,000 followers – to engage
with customers. “Bill Blass used the most relevant methods [at the time]
to reach his customer directly and we will continue that ethos, creating
a new, modern dialogue.” Benz is supported in these communications by an
in-house digital marketing team.

Today, the Bill Blass team is honoring the brand more rigorously than
the brand has been since Mr. Blass’ reign. Benz is mindful however of
catering to the modern woman, noting, “looking to the future, one must
respect the past and forge ahead leveraging the design history as a
language rather than a blueprint.”

Rounding out the executive team is Business Director Kelly DeMeester,
who joined the team following years of experience in the finance
industry. DeMeester notes, “There is a ubiquitous disclaimer in
investment reporting, ‘Past performance does not guarantee future
results.’ To some degree this is also true for fashion.” Underpinning
her strategic business approach, DeMeester believes, “applying
technology and tapping into consumer behavior to enhance the user
experience will foster deeper, more personal engagement.”

The brand will be supported by a strong technology platform and will
launch with a custom-built eCommerce website–
Bill Blass is able to change the site’s content and merchandise
in-house, managing a continuous flow of new product. The focus, rather
than tied to traditional seasonal delivery schedules, is to present an
ongoing stream of product for global distribution. To enhance the
company’s agility, Bill Blass has created a state-of-the-art, in-house
digital studio where new product can seamlessly go from photography to
online availability in record time.

On the eve of the brand’s launch, Goldblatt sums up the spirit of the
new team: “Everyone at Bill Blass is passionate about infusing vitality
into one of the greatest fashion brands in history. We are committed to
investing in our future and creating the foundation for a vibrant global
brand, led through eCommerce.”


Bill Blass
Lisa Smith, 212-689-8955