Biodynamo, a Start-up, Develops ‘Demenice’, a Smart Watch That Prevents Dementia and Supports Daily Life of Patients with Dementia

SEOUL, South Korea–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Biodynamo Co. Ltd (,
a start-up developing medical and health solutions in Korea, announced
that it developed a smart watch, ‘Demenice’ that prevents dementia and
supports daily life of patients with dementia.

‘Demenice’ smart watch helps seniors in ages above 60 who have risks of
dementia and its patients in early stage prevent and manage the disease
by wearing it. The smart watch enables families of its wearers, dementia
healthcare providers and dementia healthcare centers to monitor
conditions of patients through smart phones or PCs and provide needed
support to them based on data transmitted by the smart watch.

Featuring functions of early testing of dementia, cognitive therapy and
management of medication, diet, exercise and wandering, ‘Demenice’ can
prevent dementia and support daily life of patients with dementia.

Embedded with programs of cognitive rehabilitation treatment, medication
management, dietary management, exercise management and
location-tracking, the smart watch supports daily life of dementia
patients and helps improvement of their symptoms. Among them, the
wandering management program that tracks location can prevent missing of
patients with dementia.

Biodynamo CEO James Eun said “Serious accidents caused by dementia is
increasing, we developed ‘Demenice’ to help daily life of dementia
patients and their families.”

developed ‘Demenice’ in collaboration with medical professionals
specialized in dementia. Its investigational product is currently in
clinical trial and it is scheduled to be launched in the first half of


James Eun, 82-2-2241-3884