Brexit Aftermath & Safety Concerns Changing How Britons Holiday

LONDON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#travelzoo–A survey released today by global travel deals publisher Travelzoo
(NASDAQ: TZOO) reveals the falling value of the British pound, combined
with concerns over security, will affect leisure travel over the British
academic half term break. Although 33% of Britons are planning half term
breaks next week, 22% say they are avoiding some European destinations.

The Travelzoo® Autumn 2016 Travel Trends survey* also explores consumer
sentiment around security measures, with 26% of Britons saying they have
noticed extra security measures when travelling this year and 54%
prepared to undergo further security checks to improve security. 46% say
they’re happy to give up biometric data, such as fingerprints and retina
scans, while 28% are willing to accept longer queues and delays, in
exchange for improved security.

The UK consumer appetite for holidays remains stable, and hotspots such
as Spain and France continue to be the favoured European holiday
destinations in spite of the weakened pound. Spain continues to be the
top overseas destination this half term – with the Canaries in
particular performing strongly with the British outbound leisure
traveller. Other key trends from the survey show the growing popularity
of long-haul holidays, with Canada and Australia named joint second
along with France as the most popular destinations.

When asked about the impact of recent events on their destination
choice, 41% say they are now actively avoiding destinations impacted by
terrorist attacks (with North African coastal destinations most
affected) and 34% say they are more likely to holiday in the UK. 11% say
they are more likely to book an all-inclusive package when travelling to
Europe to ensure they get the best possible value for money while the
pound continues to be unstable.

Richard Singer, Travelzoo’s President, Europe and industry commentator,
said, “As we approach the last few months of 2016, we can see that there
are many factors impacting the desire to travel to what, just two years
ago, were some of the top autumn and winter destinations. The situation
right now could be described as a perfect storm. We have increased
pressure on the price of European holidays, caused by the falling value
of the pound, combined with two of the key affordable destinations
(Sharm el Sheikh and Tunisia) continuing to be off the menu for British
holidaymakers. Looking outside Europe, destinations popular with Britons
continue to suffer from the impact of Zika virus. When we put all of
these factors together, it’s understandable that consumers more than
ever need guidance on where to book their next holiday.”

Singer continued, “Speaking to the many travel companies Travelzoo works
with, we know October half term bookings have been fairly stable.
However there is definitely concern in the market about Christmas and
February half term, where we expect to see the true impact of Brexit and
other global events. We predict the Canaries will maintain their status
as the top destination, but consumers should bear in mind there are
other destinations that could offer better value in the coming
months. Gibraltar, Jordan, Muscat, Morocco, Dubai, Abu Dhabi and the
other Emirates are all looking strong in terms of value for money right

In terms of Europe and the Brexit negotiations, Singer said, “Regarding
the falling value of the pound, we are already seeing an increase in
demand for all-inclusive European holidays. In order to regain some
stability in the region, we urge Theresa May to provide reassurance that
travel negotiations with Europe – particularly around the European
Health Insurance Card and European open airspace – are high on the

About the research

*The survey for Travelzoo’s 2016 Travel Trends report was conducted with
an online questionnaire by third-party research agency Atomik. The
questionnaire was completed by 2,003 consumers in the UK. Travelzoo also
worked with key trade partners and clients in the UK to assess market
sentiment regarding travel in the coming six months.

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