Bycle: New Bike Mount Turns Your Smartphone into the Ultimate Riding Companion

MIAMI–(BUSINESS WIRE)–There’s a ton of tech out there for cyclists. From action cameras to GPS
units – you’ve got choices! But all this gear can get bulky, not to
mention downright budget crushing. So we decided to streamline the whole
process with Bycle. Bycle is the first bike mounting system that allows
you to use your smartphone’s GPS and video recording features
simultaneously. Just snap your smartphone in, download Bycle’s intuitive
App and GO!

Its unique design lets you navigate, capture and share every ride you
take from a single compact unit. Plus, Bycle gives you the power to keep
track of everything, including live map tracking, calories burned,
distance covered, speed, and more. Available in two models, the S-Mount
and E-Mount, Bycle is water resistant, shock resistant and won’t
interfere with any of your phone’s features.

“Bycle’s mount and app combined will allow every bike rider to enhance
their routes with a seamless integration of video, maps and more,” says
Miguel Hidalgo, co-founder of Bycle. “By integrating both products,
riders can create interactive experiences they couldn’t share before.”

“I believe Bycle is a leap forward within the bicycle accessory market,”
says Gustavo Grossmann, co-founder of Bycle. “It was simply a matter of
time. People needed to enhance their phone’s capabilities, instead of
buying different gadgets to do what most smartphones already do.”

Bycle S-Mount & E-Mount

The Bycle mount is available in two models – the S-Mount and the
E-Mount. What differentiates one from another is the 3000 mAh battery
pack on the E-Mount, which can charge and iPhone 6s 1.7 times, and the
single grip of the S-Mount in contrast to the double grip of the E-Mount.

With each mount, we added an element that made it unique: a prism lens.
When riding, the phone was only able to provide efficiently one task at
a time, but now, by incorporating a prism in front of the camera, the
mount enabled new features beyond a binary choice. Before, you had to
choose between using the phone as a recording device, making the screen
hardly visible to the rider, or as a bike computer, which obstructed the
camera’s angle. Now the camera looks forward instead of facing down due
to the prism lens, and the screen still faces the user.

Riders using a Bycle mount can comfortably record footage of the road in
front (as an alternative to the unappealing ground), while safely using
the phone as a navigation system and fitness data tracker after
downloading the Bycle App.

Bycle App

The Bycle App will collect, display, and combine all elements of the
ride by creating a shareable video. The app integrates fitness data,
route mapping, and video recording from the road. Control the video by
using the map itself, instead of a trivial timeline to browse forward or
to rewind. A rider can go back to relive every moment of the route,
minute by minute, mile by mile, calorie by calorie – and share his
thrill with riders like himself.


Bycle App+Mount

This is an exciting and unparalleled experience that only the Bycle
mount and Bycle App together can provide. There is no need to buy
expensive gadgets to do what phones already do. At Bycle, we’re strong
believers that the technology we already own should achieve greater
results when applied to a new context. We are initially releasing Bycle
Mount for iPhone 6,6s, 6 plus and 6s plus, and Bycle App for iOS, to be
pre-ordered through Kickstarter beginning July 14th. We anticipate
shipping our first batch by September. Later this year, we plan on
releasing mounts and apps for different smartphone brands and operating

Bycle on Kickstarter

To fulfill the minimum order requirement necessary to go into
production, we have launched a Kickstarter campaign. Bycle mounts will
be available for pre-order at
Early backers can get up to 36% off of the retail price with shipping
included, with the S-Mount starting at $45.00 and the E-Mount starting
at $70.


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