CannabisRadio Presents New Show Infused with Heart, ‘Good News with Nurse Heather’

Bringing attention to uplifting and positive news in the cannabis
industry, host and Registered Nurse Heather Manus brings a breath of
fresh air to the medical marijuana discussion

the premier online radio and podcasting network for cannabis content,
announces the latest addition to its lineup of programming, “Good
News with Nurse Heather.”
Hosted by Registered Nurse and member of
the board of the American Cannabis Nurses Association, Heather
Manus, RN
, the new show highlights the positive actions and events
taking place today in the medical marijuana industry.

“I am so pleased to share Heather’s devotion with our listeners,”
co-founder Brandy Shapiro-Babin. “Heather’s stories of hope bring
information, entertainment and real heart to the network.”

Nurse Heather has shared her expertise regarding cannabinoid therapies
as a Cannabis Nurse Educator, writer and speaker all over the nation at
conferences, in educational environments, and as a practicing nurse. A
native New Mexican, she was among the first to create and provide
smokeless alternatives for cannabis to medical marijuana patients in
Arizona and New Mexico. Working with the Arizona Cannabis Nurses
Association, Nurse Heather was successful in petitioning the state to
recognize Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) as a debilitating
condition to be covered under Arizona’s medical marijuana act.

“My passion comes from a deep desire to be the change I’d like to see in
the world,” explains Nurse Heather. “My goal is to promote success and
healing for all who are ready to receive. I am thrilled to be able to
spread positivity about the cannabis industry through ‘Good
News with Nurse Heather
.’ I truly believe that the two main
ingredients for effective cannabis products are an abundance of love and

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