CEOs Give ‘Average’ Grade to U.S. Performance in Competitiveness Race

No ‘Dean’s List’ for Policymakers After Receiving National
Competitiveness Forum Report Card Uncertainty Around Fed Interest Rates
Mirrors Council’s Mixed Assessment of U.S. Economy

WASHINGTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–America’s top CEO’s, labor leaders, university presidents, and national
lab directors expressed concern at the ongoing policies that are
preventing the nation from reaching its full potential to compete
globally. Like a high‐IQ student who doesn’t apply himself, U.S.
policies earned grades ranging from A to F. This call-to-­action forum
is held annually by the Council on Competitiveness, a Washington, DC
non-partisan organization. It measures key policy areas – technology,
investment, infrastructure, and talent.

“America’s position as the global leader in innovation faces more
challenges than ever before,” said Deborah L. Wince-Smith, President &
CEO, Council on Competitiveness. “While we continue to make incremental
progress, immediate action is needed to ensure that U.S. innovation
outpaces others in the global marketplace and that our economy continues
to prosper.”

“Our country’s policies are very uneven and for U.S. corporations that
creates a difficult environment to invest in research and development
and to innovate,” said Samuel R. Allen, Chairman and CEO, Deere &
Company. “We need to wake up and tackle immigration and double the
investment in federal research. Our nation’s prosperity is at stake.”
Mr. Allen also serves as the Council’s Chairman.

The report card is published annually at the end of the year and
released at the National Competitiveness Forum. The mediocre grades will
hopefully spur on policy changes and could be the basis for future
events with the Senate Competitiveness Caucus co-chaired by Sen. Jerry
Moran (R-KN) and Sen. Chris Coons (D-DE). Launched earlier this year,
the caucus was formed in partnership with the Council.

Other CEOs attending the forum include Mario Longhi of U.S. Steel and
Keith Nosbusch of Rockwell Automation.

The report card grades – and its policy recommendations – come at an
important time in Washington, DC. The Federal Reserve is looking to
raise interest rates and the Presidential campaigns are heating up. The
report’s “call to action” offers a roadmap for policymakers to promote
future economic prosperity.


The Council on Competitiveness is the only group of corporate CEOs,
university presidents, labor leaders and directors of national
laboratories committed to the future prosperity of all Americans and
enhanced U.S. competitiveness in the global economy through the creation
of high-value economic activity in the United States. The Council is a
non-partisan and non-governmental organization. Learn more about the
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