CES 2016 Exhibitor Profiles: 3DiVi Company to CUJO LLC

LAS VEGAS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–CES 2016, the world’s largest consumer technology event, takes place
January 6 – 9, 2016, in Las Vegas, NV.

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  • Listed below are CES 2016 exhibitor profiles 3DiVi Company to CUJO LLC.

    Company: 3DiVi Company
    Booth: 81532 Sands
    Web: http://www.vicovr.com
    The World’s first wireless 3D sensor for Virtual Reality, VicoVR, is
    presented at CES by 3DiVi Company.
    VicoVR is a game changing Bluetooth accessory that brings wireless
    Kinect-like motion tracking capability to Google Cardboard, Samsung
    Gear VR and other Android HMDs.
    No PC, no wires, nor wearable sensors are required to see your full
    body inside Virtual Reality!
    Company: 3Dprintler
    Booth: 80655 Eureka Park
    Web: http://www.3dprintler.com
    Finding the best price for 3D prints just got easier.
    3Dprintler compares popular 3D printing sites like Shapeways,
    Sculpteo, makexyz, and i.materialise to save you money on your next
    One website and your 3D printing is done.
    3Dprintler is a global search engine & e-commerce platform that
    finds the best price to 3D print anything you want, and you choose
    the best way to print it.
    Choose the best price for you from 256+ materials.
    3Dprintler: The future of 3D printing for everyone.
    Company: A-Champs
    Booth: 74967
    Web: http://www.a-champs.com
    A-Champs gets kids moving. How? With Super Mario-like running and
    jumping action in the backyard. It’s an interactive game system
    powered with latest tech: wireless communication, sensors, RFID,
    light and sounds.
    Kids these days don’t move enough. That’s where A-Champs comes into
    play. The idea is to give kids ages 6 to 10 products that entertain
    them in the same way video games do – but offline, away from screens.
    A-Champs uses a unique combination of the latest tech, simple gaming
    concepts and an integrated product platform to get kids to run, move
    and play.
    It’s Connected Play – the Active Way.
    Company: A&D Medical
    Booth: 73939, Sands Expo
    Web: http://www.andonline.com
    Since 1977, A&D Medical has manufactured and distributed a full line
    of biometric monitoring solutions including blood pressure monitors,
    weight scales, activity monitors, and other health monitoring
    devices. A&D Medical is the worldwide leader in connected health and
    biometric measurement devices.
    Company: AIRMEGA
    Booth: 70336, CES Unveiled
    Web: https://airmega.com
    Coway, a Korean company known for creating health-minded
    technologies, is launching its first U.S. available product for the
    connected home at CES 2016. Airmega is a smart air purifier that
    intelligently, efficiently and quietly cleans the air in your home.
    The product reduces up to 99.97% of the pollutants in the air for
    improved respiratory health. This helps to increase comfort for
    consumers, particularly those who suffer from allergies, asthma or
    other respiratory conditions. Airmega improves the air quality
    within your home automatically using sensor optimization and
    provides real-time monitoring through the Airmega app, available for
    iOS and Android.
    Company: Aleph Objects, Inc. / LulzBot
    Booth: 72117
    Web: http://www.lulzbot.com
    Press Kit: http://www.tradeshownews.com/events/2016-international-ces/lulzbot/
    Based in Loveland, CO, Aleph Objects, Inc. is a Free Software, Libre
    Innovation, and Open Source Hardware Company known for its
    award-winning line of LulzBot desktop 3D printers. The LulzBot TAZ
    and LulzBot Mini are in-use by Fortune 500 companies, NASA, small
    businesses, universities, libraries, hackers, and families around
    the world. In addition to these printers, their booth will feature
    an expanding line of tool heads, unique and specialty filament, and
    software. Aleph Objects will also host their partners from OpenBCI,
    who develop an open source brain-computer interface that records
    brainwaves and converts them into sigAnals that control can devices.
    Company: AllGo Embedded Systems Pvt. Ltd.
    Booth: Westgate Suite 4121
    Web: http://www.allgosystems.com
    AllGo Embedded Systems, is a leading product design company focused
    on providing some of the most advanced multimedia solutions for
    automotive and computer vision markets. We license our Multimedia /
    Smartphone Connectivity software, ADAS solutions and Multimedia
    Codecs to automotive customers worldwide. Our solutions are
    integrated by 12 leading Car Makers and millions of cars worldwide.
    Our Race IVI software suite provides next-generation media and
    smartphone connectivity solution for Automotive Infotainment
    systems. Our enterprise grade advanced video analytics solution,
    AllGoVision has been deployed worldwide in video surveillance markets
    Company: Alpwise
    Booth: 80922
    Web: http://www.alpwise.com/
    Alpwise, Internet of Things designer (IoT), develops innovative
    wireless solutions rooted in the Internet of Things (IdO). Our
    solutions include radio technologies with very low power, embedded
    applications and connected sensors.
    Alpwise is also the world leader in the field of Bluetooth® smart
    (or “Low Energy”) software protocol stack.
    From the feasibility study to production, Alpwise accompanies you
    throughout the implementation of wireless connectivity solutions in
    your applications.
    The 23rd of September, Alpwise won the Innovation trophy 2015
    awarded by STMicroelectronics.
    Company: AndMesh inc.
    Booth: North Hall – 63
    Web: http://www.andmesh.com/

    Our unique collections for Apple devices are created using a
    material called Elastomer, which is produced in Japan. Hand
    crafted to perfection and precisely engineered. Cases for iPhone
    6, 6 plus, 6s, 6s plus and iPad Air 2. We have another brand which
    is called SQUAIR. This is a high quality Duralumin made bumper
    case brand. Manufacturing takes place in Japan, and uses its
    advanced technology and precision to carve out the Duralumin to
    make the case a part of the iPhone.

    We are scheduled to be the first time in the world announced a new
    product in this CES.
    Company: Anthem
    Booth: Venetian 30-117, 119
    Web: http://www.anthemav.com
    Anthem is a leading manufacturer of award-winning high-end 2-channel
    and multi-channel electronics as well as A/V receivers for music and
    home theater. Anthem products are used at all levels of music
    reproduction and allow you to virtually ‘be there’ each time you
    listen to a favorite piece of recorded music or experience the
    excitement of surround sound home theater. Anthem headquarters &
    manufacturing are located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. For more
    information visit: http://www.anthemav.com
    Company: ANT Wireless
    Booth: 73723 Sands
    Web: http://www.thisisant.com
    ANT Wireless is a proven world contributor in wireless sensor
    technology fueling products in a diversified range of market
    segments. Long recognized in sports and fitness as the base of the
    successful and active ANT+ ecosystem of interoperable products, ANT
    brings the convenience of flexible and reliable ultra-low power
    (ULP) wireless connectivity to innovative applications in emerging
    commercial and IoT marketplaces. At the ANT Wireless Pavilion, see
    first-hand examples of new product innovations from ANT+ Member
    Companies such as Organic Transit and HeartTech Plus; as well as the
    technologies and methods of ANT Wireless that “Make IoT Work.”
    Company: Apollo Medical Devices
    Booth: 80725
    Web: http://www.apollomedicaldevices.com
    Apollo Medical Devices is commercializing a biosensor technology for
    rapid blood testing. Apollo’s breakthrough blood testing system can
    return results in five minutes using only a single drop of blood.
    Apollo’s cost-effective, proprietary platform technology provides
    patient blood chemistry test results directly to a portable analyzer
    at the patient’s bedside. A single drop of blood from the finger,
    10% the volume of alternative technologies, is placed directly onto
    our patented microfluidic-based sensor cartridge. In seconds, the
    blood flows across optical biosensors and is ready for analysis. The
    disposable cartridge is placed into the analyzer and results are
    returned within minutes.
    Company: Ashley Chloe Inc.
    Booth: Sands Expo, Level 1, Hall G, 80519
    Web: http://www.ashleychloe.com
    Ashley Chloe (www.ashleychloe.com) is a brand that caters to
    fashion-forward individuals who crave sleek digital wearables
    designed expressly for their modern lifestyle. The Helix Cuff™ is
    its flagship product that bridges the gap between high fashion and
    functional form in the wearable and headphones market, and it solves
    the problem of dealing with tangled and easy to lose headphones in a
    fashion-forward way. The product has won the CES Innovation Awards
    2016 in the Wearable Technologies category, and was successfully
    funded on Kickstarter and saw the highest funds raised in the
    “Fashion Wearable” category.
    Company: Aspenta
    Booth: 80953
    Web: http://www.aspenta.com
    Aspenta is a U.S. based fully-integrated mobile operator and an IoT
    solutions provider with proprietary technology enabling low cost and
    fixed rate worldwide connectivity for m2m devices. Aspenta aims to
    transform business models and improve consumers’ daily lives when
    they are on the move through the development of products that
    provide peace of mind and efficient, easy-to-use technology with an
    international reach.
    Aspenta has designed and developed Vectu, family of GPS trackers
    allowing you to keep track of people, possessions and vehicles –
    through a mobile or web app. Vectu is easy to use and works
    worldwide without roaming fees.
    Company: Audeze
    Booth: LVCC South 20312
    Web: https://www.audeze.com/
    Audeze is an award-winning high-end audio manufacturer delivering
    the most accurate sound reproduction available today. The company’s
    products are engineered with the latest innovations in materials
    science and technology matched with precision craftsmanship to
    produce an astonishingly dynamic and immersive sound. From planar
    magnetic headphones with unparalleled performance, visual
    appearance, and comfort to the company’s new fully integrated Apple
    Lightning cable, Audeze’s commitment to research and development in
    premium audio is reflected in every facet of their
    handcrafted-in-the-USA products.
    Company: Audio-Technica US, Inc.
    Booth: 20656
    Web: http://www.audio-technica.com
    Established in 1962, Audio-Technica is a leading manufacturer of
    audio equipment, including high-performance headphones, microphones,
    wireless systems, phono cartridges and turntables. Our products are
    known for legendary quality, consistency and durability.
    Company: Ayla Networks
    Booth: 71159
    Web: http://www.aylanetworks.com
    Ayla Networks provides the industry’s first Agile IoT platform,
    accelerating development, support and ongoing enhancements of
    connected products for the Internet of Things. Ayla’s end-to-end
    platform runs across devices, cloud and applications to create
    secure connectivity, data analytics and feature-rich customer
    experiences. Delivered as a cloud platform-as-a-service (PaaS),
    Ayla’s Agile IoT platform provides the flexibility and
    configurability to enable rapid connectivity for any type of device.
    Ayla Networks was named a 2015 Cool Vendor in the Internet of Things
    by Gartner, Inc. Ayla’s investors include Cisco, the International
    Finance Corporation, SAIF Partners, Crosslink Capital, Voyager
    Capital, Linear Venture and SJF Ventures. For more information,
    visit http://www.aylanetworks.com.
    Company: Base Audio, LLC
    Booth: 80131
    Web: http://www.base-audio.com/
    Base Audio to Unveil its Latest Innovative Headphone Technology in
    Las Vegas.
    Founded in 2014, Base Audio creators have a combined 40 years of
    engineering, design, and manufacturing experience.
    The idea behind developing the Reflex Series Headphone was to create
    a high quality, high fidelity headphone, at an affordable price.
    Designed and assembled by hand in the United States, the Reflex
    Series was specifically engineered for portable devices such as
    laptops, tablets, and Smart Phones, but also works exceptionally
    well with traditional amplifiers and receivers.
    We believe the Reflex delivers amazing high quality sound,
    well-crafted construction, and outstanding comfort for the ultimate
    music enthusiast.
    Base Audio’s Reflex Series Headphones will be available for market
    March 1, 2016. The headphones are expected to retail for $249.00.
    Company: The BenQ digital lifestyle brand
    Booth: Westgate – Suite 1810
    Web: http://www.benq.us
    The BenQ digital lifestyle brand stands for “Bringing Enjoyment ‘N’
    Quality to Life,” fusing lifestyle with technology, enjoyment with
    productivity, and aesthetic design with purpose-built engineering.
    BenQ offers an extensive line of visual display solutions that
    incorporate the very latest technologies. The company delivers a
    broad range of Colorific™ projectors, RevolutionEyes™ monitors,
    interactive large-format displays, mobile audio products, cloud
    consumer products, and lifestyle lighting for any application and
    market — education, home, gaming, enterprise, government, house of
    worship, digital signage, A/V, and IT.
    Company: BeON Home
    Booth: South Hall 21000
    Web: http://beonhome.com/
    BeON Home transcends the smart bulb category to take the familiar
    light bulb form factor and create a solution that makes security and
    safety available and accessible for everyone in your family. The
    BeON system combines preventative security & automated safety
    lighting that’s hidden in energy-efficient LED bulbs, with
    effectiveness baked into its simplicity. With BeON you install the
    bulbs and live your life. With BeON’s system, light switch operation
    remains the same and new safety and security features are operated
    with the mobile app. BeON is the first home safety and security
    product using CSRmesh™ based on Bluetooth Smart.
    Company: BizLink Technology Inc.
    Booth: Westgate – Suite 1930
    Ticker Symbol & Exchange: 3665 – TWSE
    Web: http://www.bizlinktech.com
    BizLink Technology Inc. is a global supplier of interconnect
    solutions automotive, industrial, IT, medical, and solar markets. As
    both an OEM and ODM, BizLink’s product lines consist of innovative,
    intuitive, and reliable products that serve as the interface between
    differing signals, devices, connectors, and cables. BizLink offers a
    variety of solutions, adapters, and docking stations to fulfill all
    your USB-C needs, customized to your specifications. Our diverse and
    high-quality product portfolio have enabled long term partnerships
    with leaders in many industries. We are committed to bringing our
    time-tested expertise and innovation to you and your business.
    Company: BRAVEN
    Booth: 5112-North Hall
    Web: http://www.braven.com/
    Braven is a premium Bluetooth® high fidelity audio brand and is one
    of the fastest growing wireless audio brands in the industry.
    Company: BrainCo Inc.
    Booth: 81537
    Web: http://www.brainco.tech
    Gathering the most talented scientists from Harvard and MIT, BrainCo
    Inc. is dedicated to bring the most advanced brain-machine interface
    (BMI) technology to people’s daily life. They are making the world’s
    first wearable BMI product to empower people to control everything
    with their minds. With the sympathetic insight, BrainCo is excited
    to explore in attention improvement, sleep management, smart home
    control, brain-to-brain communication, brain disease detection, pain
    measurement, early nerve disease prevention, and more to come. Focus
    1 is their first product, the world’s first medical-grade wearable
    brain efficiency enhancer, and also the potential to connect and
    control any device.
    Company: Brightz Ltd.
    Booth: 73061
    Web: http://www.brightz-ltd.com
    Brightz, Ltd. develops and manufactures an array of unique, colored
    LED accessory lighting for bikes, parties and outdoor fun! We make
    accessory lighting fun using lots of color; 9 vivid hues create
    spectacular style! Lights install easily, and run on standard
    Company: Bryston, Ltd
    Booth: Venetian 29-308
    Web: http://www.bryston.com
    Bryston first opened for business in 1962 and began exploring the
    field of accurate, reliable audio amplification in the early 1970s.
    Since that time, Bryston analog and digital components as well as
    loudspeakers and subwoofers have become legendary for their superior
    design, hand-built quality, superb performance and dependability for
    home, professional and commercial markets. Bryston applies precision
    manufacturing techniques and materials in the assembly of equipment
    that are more typically utilized by the military and aerospace
    industries. Bryston is based northeast of Toronto, and is sold
    through over 200 dealers in North America and 60 countries worldwide.
    Company: Buzz Radar
    Booth: GL-5A
    Web: http://www.buzzradar.com/
    Buzz Radar is an industry leader in visualising real-time data and
    content. Our aim is to make sharing data and messaging meaningful,
    beautiful and easy for everyone. We believe data can be simple,
    beautiful, and powerful. When made accessible alongside consistent
    messaging and engaging content, it can create a more open,
    collaborative way of working together. The Buzz Radar Command Centre
    is all-in-one data platform that transforms real-time data into
    bold, engaging, insightful visualisations.
    Company: Byrobot, USA
    Booth: 25829 South Hall
    Web: http://www.byrobotusa.com
    BYROBOT, developer of the world’s first Drone Fighter mini combat
    quadcopter, has announced that it will launch the Petrone Drone at
    CES 2016. The Petrone Drone is a stylish smart drone with advanced
    technology that includes patented Turtle Turn Technology as well as
    an auto-hovering system, battle game system, upgradeable weapons,
    smart device control, voice control and numerous other features. The
    Petrone Drone is one of the most feature-rich drones available
    anywhere, with a vast array of battle and control features that will
    impress anyone interested in drone technology.
    Company: Cappasity
    Booth: 82021 Sands
    Web: http://cappasity.com/
    Cappasity is a 3D model capturing and measurement solution startup
    providing cost-effective 3D scanning technologies for e-commerce, 3D
    content production, and 3D printing. Cappasity solutions allow
    anyone to produce high quality 3D models quickly without manual post
    processing (fully automated). At CES 2016, Cappasity will showcase
    its Easy 3D Scan™ software for devices powered by Intel® RealSense™
    3D cameras. At Sands Booth 82021, the company will present its
    all-in-one products: professional scanning box (especially for
    e-commerce clients) and the human scanning and measurement booth.
    Come and experience full-body scanning and grab your own 3D model to
    share on social media!
    Company: Case Western Reserve University
    Booth: 80623-27, 80723-27
    Web: http://www.case.edu
    Case Western Reserve University – 10 booths of ridiculously
    difficult science and innovative fun at CES 2016.
    Attending for the third year, CWRU has expanded again. There are
    student, alum – http://www.everykey.com, who signed John McAfee anti-virus
    guy as spokesperson. One blood drop, 5 minute, 8 metabolic test
    http://www.apollomedicaldevices.com. A 3d printer using many filaments
    http://www.printspace3d.com , whose founder developed in-orbit satellite
    fabrication. A http://www.boxcast.com device creating a tv station in a
    box. A female engineering student hackathon winner virtual hug teddy
    bears, http://www.parihugs.com
    City of Cleveland economic development is present to discuss
    http://www.healthtechcorridor.com, http://www.onecommunity.org and
    Case.edu is a leading private research institution offering
    forward-thinking opportunities, including a 50,000 sq foot
    makerspace as we ‘think beyond the possible’
    Company: CertainTeed Gypsum
    Booth: 71318
    Web: http://www.certainteed.com/
    CertainTeed Gypsum is a division of CertainTeed Corporation, which
    is headquartered in Malvern, PA with 65 manufacturing and
    distribution facilities and approximately 6,000 employees throughout
    the United States and Canada. The company is a leading North
    American manufacturer of building materials including roofing, vinyl
    siding, trim, fence, railing, decking, insulation, gypsum, and
    ceiling products. CTG will be introducing a revolutionary new
    drywall product at the NGHTV SmartHome in Booth 71318. CTG is
    committed to a truly sustainable future by utilizing recycled
    materials and minimizing use of natural resources – CTG products are
    third-party recognized for meeting and exceeding environmental
    Company: Chipolo
    Booth: South Hall 3 – 31947
    Web: http://www.chipolo.net
    Chipolo is the perfect gadget to keep track of all of your
    belongings. With a 200-foot Bluetooth range and designated app
    compatible with iPhone, Android, and Windows phones, you can locate
    anything – your wallet, keys, luggage, and even your phone. Still
    can’t find your lost items? Utilize Chipolo’s app network to expand
    the search. Plus, Chipolo does more than item finding – simply shake
    your Chipolo to take the best selfie ever. With Chipolo, live your
    life without losing your belongings.

    Child Angel Ltd.

    Booth: 80423
    Web: http://www.child-angel.com
    Child Angel® is the result of four years of research and development
    by some of the world’s leading product and electronic design
    engineers. Built from the ground up, Child Angel® is one of the
    smallest, mobile-connected GPS, GSM, Wi-Fi & BLE tracking devices in
    the world that comes in a design that kids love.
    Child Angel® is designed for children aged 3+ for daily use, is
    water resistant and has both indoor / outdoor connectivity coupled
    with unique sensor technologies. The device also contains safe-zones
    and alarm features which send an alert via the App, to a parents
    smartphone in an emergency.
    Company: Cinemo GmbH
    Booth: Suite 2986
    Web: http://www.cinemo.com
    Cinemo is a global leader in automotive grade multimedia playback,
    streaming, media management and connectivity middleware in the
    embedded world. CPU and Operating System agnostic as well as highly
    optimized for low power and low footprint devices, Cinemo’s unified
    middleware solutions decode, play, render, stream, manage and index
    virtually any file, disc, connected device and streaming format.
    Designed and optimized for the high quality requirements of the
    automotive industry, Cinemo’s solutions can be seamlessly integrated
    into entry, mid and high automotive / in-vehicle infotainment system
    head and rear seat units, as well as automotive Apps enabling
    powerful new use cases.
    Company: Coldwell Banker Real Estate
    Booth: Sands Level 2 #71331
    Web: http://www.coldwellbanker.com/smarthome
    Press Kit: http://www.tradeshownews.com/events/2016-international-ces/coldwellbanker/
    Coldwell Banker is the original Silicon Valley real estate start-up
    founded in 1906 and has maintained a spirit of innovation over the
    past 110 years. As homes become more intuitive in simplifying and
    improving lives, Coldwell Banker is focused on the next big trend in
    real estate, the smart home. With approximately five million
    existing-homes bought and sold each year, agents are uniquely
    positioned to be conduits between the tech community and today’s
    home buyers and sellers. Coldwell Banker is co-sponsoring the Smart
    Home Marketplace, hosting a “Selling Smarter” conference and
    releasing results of its Smart Home Marketplace Survey.
    Company: Control4
    Booth: 4230 Tech East
    Ticker Symbol & Exchange: CTRL
    Web: http://www.control4.com/
    Control4 is a leading provider of automation systems for homes and
    businesses, offering personalized control of lighting, music, video,
    temperature, security, communications and similar functionalities
    into a unified home automation solution that enhances the daily
    lives of its customers. Control4 unlocks the potential of connected
    devices, making entertainment systems easier to use, homes more
    comfortable and energy efficient, and families more secure. More
    than 75% of Control4’s consumers have integrated two or more
    functionalities with Control4’s solution, which is available through
    more than 3,400 custom integrators, retail outlets, and distributors
    in over 90 countries.
    Company: Crosley Brands
    Booth: 14835 Central Hall
    Web: http://www.crosleyradio.com
    At the front lines of the Vinyl Revolution, Crosley Radio has its
    roots deeply seeded in history and its eyes turned toward the
    future. From its revolutionary line of turntables built to bring the
    love of analog music to a new generation, to its new series of high
    fidelity units with the discerning listener in mind, Crosley Radio
    seeks to bring new life to a classic medium. In turntables,
    jukeboxes, radios, and all things vintage-inspired audio, count on
    Crosley to take you there.
    Company: CRP USA
    Booth: 72517
    Web: http://www.crp-usa.net
    CRP USA is located in the heart of NASCAR country in North Carolina,
    and specializes in 3D printing applications with Windform materials.
    CRP USA manufactures on-car and wind tunnel components for racing
    teams. It has taken this expertise to new heights to produce parts
    for the space, entertainment and automotive. Windform 3D Printing
    allows the construction of functional prototypes and aesthetic parts
    in the shortest of time frames and with maximum design freedom.
    Additive manufacturing makes it possible to undergo custom
    production, from a CAD 3D file to the finished part in just one
    step, and without the need to construct support tooling.
    Company: CUJO LLC
    Booth: 80531
    Web: http://igg.me/at/cujo
    Don’t Get Hacked – Get CUJO. CUJO smart device brings business level
    Internet security to guard all of your connected home devices
    against cyber-crimes. It’s simple to start with no installation
    necessary. CUJO blocks malware, viruses, and hacks. CUJO app alerts
    you anytime your devices are in danger. How does CUJO work? It
    connects to your wireless router with one cable. CUJO will inspect
    all of the connections within your network as well as data leaving
    and entering your home. CUJO uses cloud-based machine learning to
    monitor your device behavior so that it can detect anomalies as soon
    as they occur.


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