CES 2017 Exhibitor Profiles: Ubiquiti Networks to Zillion Info

LAS VEGAS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#CES2017–CES 2017, the world’s largest consumer technology event, takes place
January 5 – 8, 2017 in Las Vegas, NV.

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Listed below are CES 2017 exhibitor profiles Ubiquiti Networks to
Zillion Info.

Company: Ubiquiti Networks
Booth: 41616 (Sands)
Ticker Symbol & Exchange: (Nasdaq: UBNT)
Web: http://www.amplifi.com

Ubiquiti Labs is the consumer technology arm of wireless
networking company Ubiquiti Networks, Inc. (Nasdaq: UBNT). The
division’s first product, AmpliFi, uses home Wi-Fi mesh technology
to eliminate dead spots and distribute strong, reliable and
ubiquitous signal throughout the modern connected home. The days
of hiding your wireless router are in the past as AmpliFi’s
elegant design is meant to complement any home decor. For over ten
years, Ubiquiti Networks has eliminated barriers to connectivity,
providing a variety of high-performance wireless networking
products to businesses and communities all over the world
utilizing innovative wireless technology at disruptive price
points. Learn more info at: http://bit.ly/2hAoFg9

Company: UZER
Booth: 50416
Web: http://www.uzer.eu
Eugene is the first home barcode scanner that makes recycling at
home a fun, rewarding, and convenient routine.

A simple scan of your products’ barcode just before you throw them
out allows you to improve your home recycling, and get rewarded
with vouchers. Use the mobile application to access detailed
information about your consuming habits, and re-order online your
favorite products in one click.

Company: Valencell, Inc.
Booth: 74331
Web: http://www.valencell.com
Valencell (www.valencell.com) develops performance biometric sensor
technology and licenses this patent-protected technology to consumer
electronics manufacturers, wearable and hearable device makers,
sports and fitness brands, medical device makers, and gaming
companies for integration into their products. Valencell’s
PerformTek® biometric sensor technology employs active signal
characterization, the process of segmenting raw signal data from
biometric sensors into biological, motion, and environmental signals
and noise. Valencell’s PerformTek technology is protected by dozens
of granted patents and independently validated by the Duke Center
for Living, North Carolina State University, the Human Performance
Laboratory and a fellow of the American College of Sports Medicine.
Company: Vaporsens, Inc.
Booth: 50220
Web: http://www.vaporsens.com

Outperforming currently available sensors, Vaporsens’ patented
nanofiber chemical sensing technology provides rapid response
capabilities (1-5 seconds) and highly sensitive results (parts per
trillion). Vaporsens chemical sensors are portable, durable and
easily customized to detect a wide array of chemicals, ranging
from explosives to environmental hazards. Visit vaporsens.com to
find a solution for your sensor needs.

Company: Vivint Smart Home
Booth: 41620
Web: http://www.vivint.com
Vivint Smart Home is one of the largest smart home services
providers in North America. As the only vertically integrated smart
home company, Vivint delivers its integrated platform and products
with in-home consultation, professional installation and support
delivered by its Smart Home Pros, as well as 24-7 customer care and
monitoring. Dedicated to redefining the home experience with
intelligent products and services, Vivint serves more than one
million customers throughout the U.S. and Canada.
Company: Volansys LLC
Booth: Venetian Suite 30-131
Web: http://www.volansys.com

Volansys is Product Engineering Company with 300+ passionate
engineers innovating disruptive technology solutions in the field
of Wireless Connectivity, Multimedia, IoT, Wearable Devices,
Mobility and Cloud Computing. Volansys is a ‘One Stop Solution
Provider’ since the last 8 years for their customers, providing
offerings such as Hardware & Firmware Design, Embedded Software,
Verification & Validation, Cloud SaaS & PaaS development, Mobile
Application Development, Quality Engineering and helping customers
from concept to deployment.


With the cutting-edge expertise from sensors to control systems to
analytics including cloud & mobility, Volansys is one of the top
most leading providers in IoT and have helped 50+ Customers create
enormous IoT Success Stories in diverse domain. Volansys helps in
creating turn-key solutions with very strong and strategic

Company: VuPoint Solutions
Booth: 31122
Web: http://www.vupointsolutions.com
VuPoint Solutions enriches human experiences with innovative
products and services that are designed with an eye on creativity,
are practical and have a strong technical foundation. For more than
14 years, VuPoint Solutions has supplied retailers with a wide range
of imaging and home automation products. Its latest line, VuPoint
Home Solutions, delivers convenience and safety for the smart,
connected home with its high-performance, DIY image-based products
for the garage, porch and doorbell — all which can be controlled by
a single smartphone app.
Company: Welbean
Booth: 50714 Eureka Park
Web: http://www.welbean.com

Welbean is using mobile computing technologies to provide personal
health assistance, and promote heart-healthy lifestyles. Welbean
Heartscope, the world’s first heart performance monitor, may help
people understand their heart conditions, reduce the risk of heart
disease, and identify possible heart problems early.

Welbean heartscope’s contractility monitoring provides more
scientific data, structure, guidance and potentially more motivation
for your cardiovascular workouts.
Welbean heartscope’s motility analysis provides more information,
insights and control over heart aging and heart health management.
Company: WES
Booth: 51102 (Sands Hall G)
Web: http://www.wespower.gq
WES is a standalone freemium payment system independent of all
existing credit cards, debit cards, or mobile pay solutions. Our
system eliminates long checkout lines at cash registers and also
provides a service that invests your money with every purchase. The
best part? Merchants don’t pay fees, consumer accounts are fully
encrypted and anonymous, and paying for purchases is as simple as
tapping your card. Effortless.
Company: Wistron NeWeb Corp.
Booth: 20900 (South Hall 1)
Web: http://www.wnc.com.tw/

Wistron NeWeb Corporation (WNC) will present “Next-Gen Toward 5G –
Advanced Broadband Solutions,” showcasing our latest products and
solutions covering new designs and system-integration capabilities:

1. 28 GHz Transmission for 5G & SiP for the IoT
2. Multi-Gigabit Switch
3. Diversified Broadband Access Solutions
4. Network Coverage and Optimization
5. UHD Video Distribution
6. Connectivity for Autonomous Driving
Wistron NeWeb Corporation (WNC) specializes in the design and
development of cutting-edge communications products and provides
quality ODM/JDM services. WNC’s technical expertise ranges across
various applications from broadband, broadcasting, multimedia, and
the M2M to wireline and wireless communications, with product scopes
covering solutions in network communications, digital home products,
satellite broadcasting, and intelligent driver assistance systems.
Company: WITTI Design
Booth: 40203
Web: http://www.wittidesign.com

WITTI Design is inspired by emerging mobile technologies to create
intelligent lifestyle products that enhance the experiences of
consumers in their day to day lives. With offices in Los Angeles
and Hong Kong, WITTI utilizes a team of international designers to
craft artistic, consumer tech products inspired by geometrical
shapes. WITTI’s current product line consists of BEDDI, BEDDI
Style, BEDDI Glow and BEDDI Charge, NOTTI and DOTTI. New products
are to be released at CES 2017 aiming to focus further on sleep
technology and creating an overall better bedroom experience for
consumers. For more information, visit us at http://www.wittidesign.com.

Company: World First USA, Inc
Booth: 21935
Web: https://www.worldfirst.com/us/
World First is a market-leading, rapidly-growing international
payments company. Specializing in foreign currencies and money
transfer, World First combines specialist knowledge of the exchange
markets with technological innovation to help individuals and
businesses manage cross-border currency payments quickly, securely
and transparently. A specialist alternative to traditional banks’
generalist approach, World First has successfully exchanged more
than $35bn for more than 100,000 individuals and businesses since
2004. World First employs over 600 people across six international
offices including London, Sydney, Austin, Amsterdam, Singapore and
Hong Kong with plans for further expansion into new countries.
Company: Wuhu Teyuanxin Composite Material Technology Co., Ltd
Booth: 721
Web: http://www.tyx-drone.com/

founded in 2013, specialized in building and selling UAV,
customized manufacturing plant protection UAV, UAV for police
application, possesses a complete and scientific quality control
system and specialized production team, with a considerable sales
volume around the world, and also has developed and consolidated a
significant landmark in the domestic model plane sideline
industry. Has consistent approbation in the industry for its
honesty, strength, and product quality.

Company: Xively by LogMeIn
Booth: 40063 (Sands Expo)
Ticker Symbol & Exchange: NASDAQ: LOGM
Web: http://www.xively.com
Xively, the IoT division of LogMeIn, works with companies around the
world to bring to market the most successful and innovative IoT
products available today. Xively’s Connected Product Management
(CPM) platform is a complete application suite that addresses the
core needs of running an IoT Business including a best of breed
connectivity broker, purpose-built security, universal device and
user management, connected product analytics and insight tools, as
well as integrations with core business systems including CRM and
ERP. Xively is the fastest and most scalable IoT platform available
providing companies with everything they need to connect a product
securely, manage that product and the data it produces, and engage
with customers in new and innovative ways.
Company: Yueh In Co., Ltd.
Booth: 2219
Web: http://www.yuin.com.tw

We are a Taiwanese company for more than 35 years and have our own
ISO9001 certificated factory in China. With R&D’s effort and
strict Q.C. management, we specialize in manufacturing power
strips with surge protectors & Smart USB ports according to CE &
UL requirement. Our latest item is the IOT Smart Home kit with
WiFi Remote Control for home security & safety protection under
connecting to App from smartphone anywhere & anytime.

Company: Yumii
Booth: 50832
Web: http://www.yumii.fr
Yumii revolutionizes the daily life of senior citizens by
simplifying interactions they have with their families, caretakers
and doctors. The interactive platform is a robot called Cutii, that
helps elderly individuals with their daily schedules, routines and
exchanges. A companion robot, Cutii works entirely through vocal
command and mobile web application. The first truly collaborative
platform for home care assistance, Yumii provides the means through
which everybody can share quality moments with elderly friends and
relatives through activities and services.
Company: Zen Ecosystems
Booth: 40049
Web: http://www.antennagroup.com/
Zen Ecosystems provides energy management solutions to businesses
and consumers. The company recently released Zen HQ, the simplest,
most cost-effective commercial energy management solution on the
market. Zen partners with leading brands, distributors,
multi-service operators and utilities to deploy new energy solutions
that improve businesses, homes and our lives. Learn more at
Company: Zillion Info, LLC
Booth: 50222
Web: http://www.zillioninfo.com
ZillionInfo specified in Location Intelligence SaaS on Market
Analytics via the integration of Data, Machine Learning, Statistics
and Interactive Visualization.
The Dynamic Market Segmentation tool allows clients to integrate
their own marketing data, the demographic data, the community
survey, and the consumer’s expenditure survey to produce specific
multi-scale market segmentations that better fits the client needs.
The Multivariate Marketing Campaign tool helps to better understand
the market and the customers.
The Site Selection Optimizer evaluates site selection balance.
The Flowmapper reveals flow patterns of vehicles, migration, and

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