César Alierta Presents ProFuturo Program in Assisi (Italy) before 400 Religious Leaders from around the World

  • The program, sponsored by Telefónica Foundation and the “la Caixa”
    Banking Foundation, has already helped with the education of 2 million
    school children in Latin America and Africa
  • The ProFuturo digital education solutions will continue to spread,
    not only through Latin America but also in sub-Saharan Africa and Asia
    until it reaches the goal of helping ten million children in the next
    five years.
  • The Italian city of Assisi will commemorate the 30th anniversary of
    the first interfaith summit, bringing together the principle leaders
    of different religious beliefs under the theme “Thirst for peace:
    dialogue between religions and cultures”.
  • This is the first time that a private and open initiative like this
    is presented at such an event.

MADRID–(BUSINESS WIRE)–ProFuturo, the great digital education project for underprivileged
children and adolescents sponsored by the Telefónica Foundation
(NYSE:TEF) (LSE:TDE) and the “la Caixa” Banking Foundation through their
presidents, César Alierta and Isidro Fainè, has already brought
education to two million boys, girls, and adolescents in Latin America
and Africa.

This education and training program, whose goal is to continue working
to help ten million children in the next five years, will be presented
globally this weekend during the interfaith meet up “Thirst for peace:
dialogue between religions and cultures” which is expected to gather
3,000 people in the city of Assisi.

The event, which will include the participation of 400 religious leaders
from all beliefs around the world, will commemorate the 30th anniversary
of the historical Day of Prayer for Peace which took place on October
27, 1986 and was led by Pope Saint John Paul II. In addition to the
3,000 attendees, 12,000 pilgrims are expected to arrive in Assisi in the
next few days.

Subjects related to peace, inequalities, and the challenges society is
currently facing will be discussed before an audience of heads and
representatives from Christian Churches, Ecclesiastical Communities, and
other different religions. Education is a key subject and the Chairman
of the Telefónica Foundation, César Alierta, will have the opportunity
to present the goals and challenges of ProFuturo, thus extending the
project to the largest religious congregation in the world.

This is the first time a private and open initiative is presented to
other institutions in an encounter of these characteristics,
constituting a very relevant milestone.

ProFuturo is the continuation and reinforcement of the historical
commitment that Telefónica and la Caixa made to education through
technology and innovation. Its goal is to promote equal opportunities
through quality and fair education using locally deployed digital tools.
According to information from the United Nations there are more than 50
million girls and boys around the world without education.

ProFuturo broadens the impact of the large footprint already made by
Proniño by not only taking its digital solutions to Latin America, but
also including countries in sub-Saharan Africa and Asia. Since 2015
there has been a pilot program in Angola, specifically in the province
of Luena, that has shown very positive results. This project, executed
with the collaboration of the local Angolan bishopric, is being
developed in nine schools, directly benefiting 60 teachers and the
literacy of 2,700 girls and boys and adults.

For each deployment ProFuturo reaches agreements with the most relevant
agents in the field of international cooperation: private, public, and
third sector. In fact, conversations are already being held to expand
the number of partners with the same goals and concerns.

ProFuturo is flourishing within a proven and successful model through
different initiatives such as Proniño or Telefónica Foundation
Classrooms. These initiatives are present in every country in Latin
America where the company is present, training nearly 30,000 teachers,
and having an impact on 610,000 children from more than one thousand

In addition to his presentation during the inaugural day, César Alierta
will participate again during the Assisi Summit’s second day when he
will be part of a round table discussion entitled “Economy and
Inequality”. During this discussion he will be accompanied by
representatives from the FAO, the Social Sciences Pontifical Academy and
different international think tanks.

Note to Editors:

In July 2016, Telefónica and Spanish national bank La Caixa’s
respective Foundations that exist to promote social good and wellbeing
across the globe, signed an agreement for the joint development of
ProFuture – an initiative with foundation status aimed at driving equal
opportunities through the provision of quality and equitable education
programmes based on the use of digital tools.
To achieve these
goals, the project will focus on the following activities:

  • The introduction of a mobile digital classroom, equipped with both
    hardware (a case containing a laptop-server, a varying number of
    tablets and a projector) and software (educational platform and
    content) at schools located in vulnerable areas. This resource is
    self-powered for a whole school day, and the educational platform
    works without the need for Internet connection. All that is required
    is occasional connection with Internet in order to update content.
  • Training teachers in the use of information technologies, the
    educational platform and its content, and in innovative teaching
  • Designing a model adapted to real circumstances in refugee camps.
  • Ensuring the accessibility of the content and the platform to
    people with disabilities.


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