Charming Charlie Activates Yottaa to Advance Faster and More Secure Online Customer Experiences

Leading Fashion Accessories Company Invests in Yottaa Technology to
Augment Rapid Expansion of Online Retail Infrastructure

the leading cloud platform for optimizing web and mobile applications,
today announced that Charming Charlie, a rapidly growing women’s
contemporary jewelry and accessory retailer, has selected Yottaa to
optimize, accelerate, and secure the company’s online retail application.

Launched just over ten years ago, Charming Charlie has grown to over
$500M in sales and more than 350 stores across North America, quickly
transforming from “the best kept secret” into a
flourishing global brand. Charming Charlie is known for merchandising
its broad assortment of products, which includes fashion jewelry,
handbags, accessories, apparel, footwear, and more, by color.

In 2015, Charming Charlie set goals to further augment revenue growth
within its eCommerce channel. In order to support this goal and
guarantee optimized web experiences for its growing number of online
shoppers, Charming Charlie’s IT team selected Yottaa’s ContextIntelligence

Charming Charlie leveraged Yottaa’s cloud application acceleration and
security platform alongside Magento Enterprise, utilizing the following
Yottaa solutions:

  • AdaptiveCDN™,
    that adds patented software to traditional delivery architectures
    enabling real-time management, more efficient load balancing and
    traffic routing, and Origin Shield technology to obfuscate server
    infrastructure, thereby protecting it from attacks.
  • InstantON™,
    to accelerate dynamic content rendering like the product
    recommendations implemented by the Reflektion predictive analytics
    platform, which leverages user specific information to present content
    ideal to site visitors. InstantON automatically removes user
    information from pages before caching the static content, and then
    automatically reintegrates personalized content, like color-matched
    products, onto the page.
  • AppSequencing™,
    to manage the order and execution of 3rd party scripts, and, together
    with Yottaa’s ContextAgent
    in-browser library, implement responsive imaging – an optimization
    that loads images in response to visitor scrolling and clicking
  • ContextSafe™,
    to extend application and infrastructure security beyond the data
    center to provide layered defense against performance-sapping Bots and
    protection from security threats including cross-site scripting, SQL
    injection, and DDoS attacks.

“One of our goals for 2015 was to increase the performance of the
Charming Charlie site,” said David M. Torres, Director of Digital
Technologies at Charming Charlie. “Having a fast, frictionless
experience is critical to driving conversions. Yottaa was the perfect
solution to help guarantee a consistent and elevated customer experience
throughout the entire site. Our close relationship with the Yottaa team
and their knowledge of Magento helped us leverage Yottaa’s technology to
optimize the front-end of the Charming Charlie web application. The
results were incredible.” 

Charming Charlie utilized ValidateIT™,
a traffic-splitting methodology, to test Yottaa’s impact on crucial
business metrics. Against Charming Charlie’s existing implementation,
Yottaa-optimized pages showed:

  • A 25% improvement in Page Load Time
  • An 8% improvement in eCommerce Conversion Rate

“Charming Charlie is an excellent example of how savvy IT leadership is
a key element for retailers to impact business results online,” said
Vick Viren Vaishnavi, President and CEO of Yottaa. “By uniting
technology and line-of-business operations to elevate its customers’
shopping experience, Charming Charlie has significantly enhanced
customer experience resulting in a 25% increase in performance and
consequently, an 8% increase in overall conversions.”

About Charming Charlie
Charming Charlie is a women’s
contemporary jewelry and accessories retailer that offers unrivaled
value through high quality style and an accessible price. Launched in
2004 by Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Charlie Chanaratsopon, the
brand is known for merchandising its broad assortment of product by
color, which includes fashion jewelry, handbags, accessories, apparel,
footwear and more, ranging in price from $5 to $150 for select limited
edition items. Charming Charlie has more than 350 global retail stores
across the United States, Canada and the Middle East. For more
information, visit

About Yottaa
Yottaa is the leading cloud platform for
optimizing web and mobile applications. Through Yottaa’s patented
ContextIntelligence™ architecture, enterprises can manage, accelerate,
and secure end user experiences on all devices in real-time with zero
code change. Top Internet 500 businesses have adopted Yottaa’s platform
to realize billions in incremental revenue through dramatic improvements
across key performance and business metrics. To learn more about how
Yottaa can maximize your users’ experience, please visit
or follow @yottaa on Twitter.


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