Chicken of the Sea® Challenges Americans to “Sea the Possibilities” of a Healthier, Happier Year in 2016

Major lifestyle and wellness initiative follows release of Dietary
Guidelines for Americans 2015-2020
calling for dramatic increase
in seafood consumption

SAN DIEGO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Responding directly to sweeping new dietary guidelines that call for
significantly increased seafood consumption, Chicken
of the Sea
is challenging Americans to explore a happier, healthier
year in 2016 — and is rewarding those who do with a chance to realize
both small and big dreams alike for themselves and their families.

Launching today, the San Diego seafood provider’s Sea
the Possibilities Challenge
lifestyle and wellness
initiative asks participants to broaden their horizons through bold new
foods, everyday experiences and once-in-a-lifetime adventures that can
contribute to a richer, more satisfying life – both in the kitchen and

Topping the list of suggested new experiences are exotic seafood recipes
and serving suggestions that are part of an ongoing effort by Chicken of
the Sea to increase America’s nutritional health through greater
consumption of fresh and packaged fish – and, ultimately, to get
Americans’ seafood diet to come closer to resembling that of the rest of
the world.

The new initiative follows the Jan. 7 release of Dietary
Guidelines for Americans 2015-2020
, which encourage
Americans to choose seafood in place of other protein foods for two
meals (or 8 ounces) per week. The new report concludes that average
seafood consumption is below recommendations for all U.S. age-sex groups
and suggests dramatic changes in the American diet to increase this
intake – such as choosing a salmon steak or tuna sandwich over
traditional choices.

“These latest guidelines confirm what Chicken of the Sea has known for
years: Americans simply aren’t getting enough seafood,” explained
Christie Fleming, Chicken of the Sea’s senior VP of marketing. “While we
want the public to eat more fish for their own health and wellness, it’s
certainly not the only goal of the Sea the Possibilities program.
Ultimately, we’re challenging our consumers to boldly step out of their
daily routines and then rewarding those who come up with the most
original new ideas with cash awards and other incentives to dream even
bigger in 2016.”

According to Fleming, consumers visiting the Sea
the Possibilities Challenge Contest microsite
can select a
challenge at one of three levels and then post an original written
story, photo or video that shows how they met that challenge.
Submissions will be judged for originality and other criteria by Chicken
of the Sea, and weekly and monthly winners will be eligible to receive a
Grand Prize cash award that can be applied directly toward future

1. In the Kitchen Challenges. From new recipes and friendly
cooking competitions to date night dinners, Farmer’s Market excursions
and ways to swap out regular protein with healthier seafood options,
Chicken of the Sea pushes the envelope on family meal-planning and
nutrition in 2016.

2. Better Everyday Challenges. The daily routine doesn’t have to
be a grind with these everyday ideas to turn the ordinary into the
extraordinary. Chicken of the Sea offers a world of ideas for lunchtime
friendship bonding, adult field trips, gratitude exercises, home-alone
survival training and more.

3. Go Big Challenges. The sky’s the limit (literally!) with these
breakout challenges to do (or be) something truly amazing in 2016. From
the obviously outrageous (scuba, skydive or surf) to the quietly heroic
(training for a marathon, feeding the homeless or planning a family
reunion), Chicken of the Sea has what it take to create epic memories.

Contest participants will be given specific challenge ideas at each
level while monthly themes – “Get Healthy” in January, “Give Kindness”
in February and “Live Large” in March – will promote a sense of
community. Chicken of the Sea has compiled a list of tangible Sea the
Possibilities opportunities in every state, ranging from a guided
snorkeling adventure in Hawaii to a wine-tasting tour in California and
a lobster-cooking class in Maine.

The brand also christened three Sea the Possibilities Challenge
to show contest participants and the general public
what’s possible at each level. Sara O’Donnell of Average
, the Woodland Hills, Calif.-based Kitchen Influencer, is
flexing her culinary muscle by creating meal plans featuring tilapia,
salmon and other less-common seafood varieties, while Everyday
Influencer Lee Hersh of Fit
Foodie Finds
in St. Louis Park, Minn., is focusing on small healthy
workout wins that she can accomplish every day as she challenges herself
to move more in 2016.

Meanwhile, Epic Influencer Kiersten Rich of The
Blonde Abroad
adventure travel blog in Temecula, Calif., is looking
to conquer her significant fear of heights and depths by diving a
shipwreck 100 feet below the Hawaiian ocean surface and then climbing
Oahu’s famous 2,000-foot “Stairway to Heaven,” Moanalua Ridge.

The three Influencers are filming and posting their personal challenges
on the Sea the Possibilities website to encourage other possibility
thinkers to enroll. More than a dozen other food, family and fitness
bloggers and social influencers will be participating in Sea the
Possibilities and encouraging their millions of thousands of like-minded
followers to do the same.

“Talking about seizing the possibilities is one thing, but offering
tangible, easy ways for Americans to embrace a more vibrant, happier and
healthier life is something else entirely,” said Fleming. “As a brand
that has always appealed to the explorer and adventure-seeker, we want
to make it easy for consumers to live out loud in 2016 for the benefit
of body, mind and soul.”

For more information on Sea the Possibilities Presented by Chicken of
the Sea, and to enter the contest by choosing a challenge at the In the
Kitchen, Better Everyday or Go Big levels, go to
Full contest rules are available.

About Chicken of the Sea

Chicken of the Sea (COS) celebrates its 102nd anniversary in
2016 as a leading provider of healthy, sustainable and delicious
seafood, offering not only a robust product line but the recipes and
meal-planning insights needed to inspire seafood lovers to greater
culinary creativity and inspiration. The company provides tuna, salmon,
clams, crab, oysters, shrimp, mackerel, kipper snacks and sardines in
cans, cups and pouches as well as innovative new products consistent
with seafood’s growing status as a healthy “new” protein choice in

Headquartered in San Diego, COS sustainably sources its seafood products
from around the world, and packages them at a state-of-the-art
processing facility in Lyons, Ga., as well as at third-party facilities.
The company is led by a team of industry veterans with more than 300
years of collective experience in the packaged seafood industry.

For information on Chicken of the Sea, including recipes, serving
suggestions and nutritional and meal-planning insights as well as
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