Chicken of the Sea® Launches Seafood Digital Traceability Initiative

Consumers can trace all shelf-stable tuna products via new
interactive website

Initiative delivers on global commitment to seafood sustainability

of the Sea International
has launched a digital traceability
initiative allowing customers to trace the source, processing location
and fishing method of their seafood, as part of its commitment to
seafood sustainability.

The new interactive program currently covers all Chicken of the Sea®
shelf-stable tuna products and will soon allow seafood lovers to trace
the company’s entire shelf-stable product line.

Today’s announcement and activation of Chicken
of the Sea Trace Your Product
establishes the San Diego-based
seafood provider’s commitment toward 100% digital traceability. The
program is a cornerstone of SeaChange®, the company’s global
sustainability strategy with initiatives encompassing marine
conservation, responsible sourcing and operations, caring for
communities and safe and legal labor standards.

“It is important for our customers to have an opportunity to know the
story behind their fish – where it came from, how it was caught, where
it was canned and how the process fits within our sustainability
program,” said Jennifer Woofter, Chicken of the Sea’s director of
sustainability. “Traceability is an essential step in the responsible
sourcing and sustainability process and we are excited to make this
development available to our customers.”

Digital traceability: How does it work?

Chicken of the Sea customers simply enter the 10- to 15-digit number
located on the bottom of their Chunk Light, Chunk Light Albacore and
Solid White Albacore tuna in 3-oz., 5-oz., 7-oz. and 12-oz. cans to
receive answers to seven specific questions:

  1. What is My Seafood? Visitors are given an initial description of their
    tuna or other seafood species.
  2. Where Was My Seafood Caught? These results include a world map showing
    the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) Area where the tuna or
    other seafood was caught, and a link to a species-specific stock
    status report from the International
    Seafood Sustainability Foundation (ISSF)
  3. What Fishing Method Was Used? This section includes both the fishing
    method and vessel size.
  4. What Fishing Vessel Caught My Seafood? This information includes
    fishing vessel name, nation of registry and fishing trip start and end
  5. How was my Seafood Processed? The processing method is subject to
    Chicken of the Sea’s strict compliance requirements and stringent
    Business Ethics and Labor Code of Conduct.
  6. Where was my Seafood Canned? The can code indicates where the seafood
    was processed and canned, which may not necessarily be where it was
  7. How Does Chicken of the Sea Support Sustainability? This section
    details Chicken of the Sea’s commitment to sustainability as part of
    the SeaChange® program.

To access Chicken of the Sea Trace Your Product, go to
For details of Chicken of the Sea’s larger commitment to sustainability,
go to

As part of the Thai Union Group family of companies, Chicken of the Sea
is a member of Thai Union’s SeaChange®
global sustainability program. To learn more, visit

About Chicken of the Sea

Founded in 1914, Chicken of the Sea (COS) is a leading provider of
healthy, sustainable and delicious seafood, offering not only a robust
product line but the recipes and meal-planning insights needed to
inspire seafood lovers to greater culinary creativity and inspiration.
The company provides tuna, salmon, clams, crab, oysters, shrimp,
mackerel, kipper snacks and sardines in cans, cups and pouches as well
as innovative new products consistent with seafood’s growing status as a
healthy “new” protein choice in America.

Headquartered in San Diego, COS responsibly sources its seafood products
from around the world, and packages them at a state-of-the-art
processing facility in Lyons, Ga., as well as at third-party facilities.
The company is led by a team of industry veterans with more than 300
years of collective experience in the packaged seafood industry.

For information on Chicken of the Sea, including recipes, serving
suggestions and nutritional and meal-planning insights as well as
information on the latest new Chicken of the Sea products, go to

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