Child Hair Care Salon Celebrates 20-Years of Business with Free Haircuts

Snip-its® Thanks 20 Lucky Customers in a Big Way during Nationwide

the nation’s first and fastest growing child hair salon in the U.S., is
celebrating the big 2-0 in a big way. Throughout the month of November,
the salon will be conducting a nationwide sweepstakes in which 20
winners will receive free haircuts. Nineteen first place winners will
receive one free haircut and one grand prize winner will receive free
haircuts for one year (12 total) at his or her favorite Snip-its salon.

To enter, customers can visit, a submission page
on the Snip-its website. The winners will be chosen at random and the
contact information collected will only be used to notify winners,
however customers will have the opportunity to opt-in to receive emails
from their local Snip-its. Salons will be notified of the winners and
haircuts will be automatically added to their accounts as prepaid
haircuts. The contest ends on November 30, 2015.

“We couldn’t be happier to celebrate 20 successful years of business and
what better way to do so than to share the moment with our customers. We
have so many loyal kids and parents, which have been the reason we can
celebrate our 20th Anniversary,” said Jim George, President
and CEO of Snip-its. “We want to expand the Snip-its brand across the
U.S., so that more children can enjoy an innovative and entertaining
haircut experience. We look forward to another fun-filled, animated and
stylish 20 years ahead.”

Charging forward full throttle, Snip-its looks to sell 30 locations in
2016 and is targeting markets across the United States such as,
Minneapolis, San Diego, Orlando, San Francisco, New York, Kansas City,
St. Louis, Philadelphia and Miami. As part of the brand’s strategic
market research analysis, prospective regions must include an average of
20,000 children under the age of nine and family incomes that range from
$75,000-100,000 or higher. In the next 20 years, Snip-its hopes make its
mark as a national player and expand rapidly through multi-unit
ownership, which currently makes up 70% of the system, up from the 45%
in 2010.

In order to make investment costs more appealing for potential
franchisees, Snip-its recently announced a new salon redesign initiative
that creates a modern feel, while maintaining the whimsy and playful
environment that Snip-its is known for. With the launch of the redesign,
the initial investment cost will decrease approximately 15% and will
create a more flexible and profitable space for franchisees. Executives
are now scouting out non-traditional and small spaces to plant a
Snip-its salon, adding to the desirability of the franchise opportunity.

Since first joining the Snip-its team in 2007, Jim George restructured
the franchise opportunity by creating a distinct brand position in the
marketplace identified by niche services and proprietary products.
Snip-its has seen an increase in salon sales through personalized
marketing techniques, changes in price point, the launch of three guest
product lines, and an increase in efficiency by performing at peak
capacity; three haircuts an hour. With a goal of producing a strong
support system for franchisees, George reorganized the corporate
platform by differentiating roles, while also moving the brand’s
headquarters to Minneapolis, hair care central.

The Minneapolis based child hair care franchise currently has 63
locations across the county that provides friendly and knowledgeable
staff, animated gadgets, computer games and a character filled
entertaining environment geared to creating an enjoyable haircutting
experience. Snip-its serves as a solution for parents who are looking
for a way to untangle the challenges of trying to find a convenient
haircutting experience for their children. Virtually unheard of in the
hair care industry, the brand implements a unique and one of a kind
stylist training program specifically for children with Autism, as part
of their partnership with the national Autism Speaks organization.

Snip-its was founded in 1995 by Joanna Meiseles, a busy mother who
sought a hair salon that catered to her young children. Twenty years
later, the brand continues to be synonymous with the founder’s mission,
offering quality children’s hair care and an environment that is
welcoming, wholesome, and entertaining. Snip-its is defined by the
branded characters, games, stories, and a Magic Box that dispenses a
prize at the end of the service.

About Snip-its

Snip-its is the nation’s fastest growing child haircut franchise that is
dedicated to making haircuts fun for children and relaxing for parents.
Founded in 1995 by busy mother, Joanna Meiseles, Snip-its is turning a
traditionally mundane and often unpleasant experience into a fun-filled,
animated adventure. As the leader in the underserved child hair care
industry, Snip-its offers attractive opportunities for business minded
individuals looking to earn a successful living in a recession-resistant
industry with speedy expansion, and strong consumer demand. For more
information about the franchise opportunity, please visit


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