Child Recorder: A Safe, Powerful App Set to Revolutionize Parenting

Child Recorder App Uses the Latest Tools of Voice Technology to Help
with Parenting, Educational Tasks, and Speech Disorders

DALLAS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#childrecorder–A crying baby, a child with a language disorder, or even straightforward
test preparation can be stressful for both parents and children. With
the Child Recorder app, parents and caregivers now have an innovative
way to not only soothe a child, but also address speech and language
disorders and create educational tasks in a safe and natural manner.

The app can be used for individualized educational tasks and further
helps with speech and language development. By recording a child’s voice
with Child Recorder, the playback can prompt natural changes in behavior
without the need for time-out or a stint on the naughty step. The app
allows parents to save multiple recordings and can combine recordings
into custom loops for quick playback, making it ideal for speech therapy
and homework.

Child Recorder is available for iPhone and Android and can capture 30
second segments of audio. The app allows for multiple recordings to be
saved and offers a combined recording feature. There are two versions
available: a free version that comes with banner ads and a few
limitations; and a paid version that costs $4.99.

Co-Founder of the app, Zorric Sia, says, “The Child Recorder affords a
unique educational moment for parents and children. It is possible for
children to gain a moment of self-reflection and modify their behavior.
Ultimately, everyone benefits from this approach.”

The app can be set to record on launch, which means that capturing
impactful events like a child’s first words will be quick and easy and
the achievements can be shared with friends and family, or used to
encourage the child’s progress.

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About Child Recorder

Child Recorder was founded by Richard Blank, the CEO of Costa Rica’s
Call Center and Technical Consultant Zorric Sia, MBA, MS. The app is an
entirely safe and effective way to assist with parenting when children
are prone to tantrums and outbursts. The app is also useful as a speech
therapy device and assists with educational tasks. The creation team
includes advisor Arthur Blank, MBA, who has 25 years of experience in
the Telecom field.


Child Recorder
Zorric Sia, 972-658-6200