ChoreMonster Launches New Apps for Teens and Parents, Grows into FamilyTech

FamilyTech: Bringing Sanity To Families

CINCINNATI–(BUSINESS WIRE)–ChoreMonster, the beloved app powered by over 2.4 million users, is
growing up to stay connected with families as they grow. The
Cincinnati-based startup is launching two brand new apps – Landra, for
teens, and Mothershp, for parents – and housing everything under the
name FamilyTech. FamilyTech’s goal? To bring sanity to families with a
technology platform that engages the entire family to get things done at

ChoreMonster has helped children everywhere complete over 20 million
chores and counting. As children become teens, they age out of
ChoreMonster and require a new kind of engagement. Landra makes it easy
for families to interact and accomplish goals, allowing teens to
exchange information for independence. Parents assign chores to be
completed based on due date, frequency and interest to the teen. Upon
completion, teens receive points towards rewards determined by the
family. Rewards can be freedom to hang out with friends on Friday or
Tuesday family pizza night.

“For the past four years we’ve learned how to motivate behavior and
family interaction, turning homes into joyful places. With Landra, we
continue to use our learning to help parents connect on a closer level
with their teenager,” said Chris Bergman, founder and CEO of FamilyTech.

The FamilyTech platform is also home to the new Mothershp app, where
parents manage tasks for kids of all ages. Whether it’s their 8-year-old
on ChoreMonster, or their 14-year-old on Landra, Mothershp allows
parents to take command of the home, and make sure beds get made, trash
gets emptied, homework gets done.

The original ChoreMonster continues in the form of an app strictly for
kids ages 4-12. It’s the place where they can complete their chores and
earn points to be redeemed for rewards. Kids can earn points to get
tickets to the monster carnival, to watch Monster Shorts and collect
over 100 cool animated monsters. Or, kids can use points to claim
rewards decided upon by the family, like screen time or a day at the
amusement park.

FamilyTech and its new suite of apps will be live on August 22, 2016.
The first step for parents is to download Mothershp, and then
ChoreMonster for younger children and/or Landra for teens. The apps are
available in the App Store, on Google Play and in the Kindle Fire App
Store. Visit
to download, and to learn more about how the apps work and how
FamilyTech can start bringing sanity to your family.

FamilyTech Bringing Sanity To Families :: FamilyTech has the
enormous goal of making the home a joyful place. Our apps utilize
technology to bring families closer together. FamilyTech is the platform
that brings sanity to families and powers ChoreMonster, Landra and

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Erin Macdonald