Cloudscene Reveals the Female CEOs Ruling within the Top 100 Cloud Service Providers

BRISBANE, Australia–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#IWD2017–Cloudscene, the world’s largest directory of colocation data centers,
cloud service providers and network fabrics, can reveal that just 5% of
the top 100 global cloud service providers have female CEOs.

In line with this finding, a report released this month by Catalyst also
disclosed that women hold just 5.8% of the CEO positions across all S&P
500 companies.

Analysis of Cloudscene’s data, consisting of 5,500+ data centers and
4,700+ cloud service providers, has uncovered the five female CEOs
ruling within the top 100 cloud service providers:

  Singtel – Chua Sock Koong, Group CEO

Tele2 – Allison Kirkby, President & Group CEO

Yahoo – Marissa Mayer, CEO

Fibernet Direct – Carmen M. Perez, President & CEO

The Quilt – Jen Leasure, President & CEO

Serial tech entrepreneur and Cloudscene’s founder, Bevan Slattery said:
“It would be naive to not acknowledge the importance of more women
holding leadership positions in the tech sector globally.

“Whether it’s a gender, racial or age diversity imbalance, having the
same people in the room does not drive innovation to its full potential.
There is more work to be done to push the boundaries of what the tech
sector can achieve and diversity is certainly one area that can make a
significant difference,” said Bevan Slattery.

The CEO of leading HR tech company, Revelian, and the Australian
Institute of Management’s 2016 Leader of the Year, Cherie Curtis, added
that understanding the value of diversity and acknowledging the gender
gap is a critical first step to change in the tech sector.

“From a psychological perspective we know that strength comes from
diversity. A balance of individual differences or personalities makes
for a more powerful decision-making group. More females in tech will
materially enhance the capability of the industry and the ability to
service the broader community. This has a direct commercial impact,”
Cherie Curtis said.

Of Cloudscene’s top 100 cloud service providers with CEO positions held
by women:

  Three of the companies also have an equal or majority representation
of women in the boardroom, with the remaining two boards having an
18% and 27% female representation

Four of the five CEOs obtained the role without a formal tech
qualification, instead the women had finance/accounting/economics
degrees with just Yahoo’s Marissa Mayer having a formal
qualification in computer science

Two of the women held the company’s CFO role prior to being offered
the CEO position

The United States is home to three of the CEOs, with two women
residing in Sweden and Singapore respectively.

The top 100 cloud service providers are determined based on the total
connectivity (PoPs) of the company globally.

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Cloudscene is the world’s largest directory of
colocation data centers, cloud service providers and network fabrics.
Established by serial tech entrepreneur, Bevan Slattery, Cloudscene
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Renee Harper