Coding Talent Pipeline Emerges from Eleven Fifty Academy Partnership with STEM Premier

CHARLESTON, S.C.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–STEM Premier and Eleven Fifty Academy announced a significant
partnership today that will cultivate the future generation of science,
technology, engineering, and math (STEM) students focused on coding,
while increasing opportunity for those students by strengthening
connections to careers. The partnership results in a unique strategy
that creates a stable, continuous pipeline of talent for organizations.

Expanding access to STEM opportunities is an issue of paramount
importance in an increasingly global economy. The Georgetown Center on
Education and the Workforce STEM report project 2.4 million job openings
in STEM through 2018 nationwide. In Indiana, demand will total 115,560
STEM jobs, representing a 9 percent increase, by 2018.

The demand for coding also continues to grow, with the U.S. Bureau of
Labor Statistics projecting one million programming jobs going unfilled
by 2020.

Eleven Fifty’s focus on immersive learning has made it a top choice for
people looking to learn technical programming skills quickly. Since its
founding, this elite academy has graduated students from countries
around the world, including Canada, Costa Rica, The United Kingdom and
the Netherlands.

“The mission of Eleven Fifty Academy is to develop new and existing
coders through relevant, immersive training that has a positive impact
on the individual, their employer and their community,” said John
Qualls, President of Eleven Fifty Academy. “There are hundreds of coders
making applications happen that actually drive companies and make them
work. There isn’t a pipeline to support that growth.”

The combined programs allow employers to quickly develop and directly
connect with the next generation of talent, especially those in
underrepresented areas.

“Acquisition of talent with the necessary critical thinking and problem
solving skills acquired through a STEM education continues to be a
top-level concern to C-levels and executives of every industry,” said
John Welch, CEO of STEM Premier. “Students who possess the necessary
STEM knowledge, talent, and skills to excel throughout their careers
continue to face challenges in being discovered by corporations seeking
talent, especially in under-served and underrepresented areas. Programs
such as STEM Premier, a cradle-to-career solution that assists students
in designing a career pathway, educators in recruiting top talent to
their schools, and employers in connecting with the talent they need,
serves to level the playing field.”

Scott Jones, co-founder of Eleven Fifty Academy and voicemail inventor
echoed Welch’s statements saying, “Eleven Fifty Academy’s mission is not
just to educate programmers, but to help them succeed as entrepreneurs.
The innovative, immersive curriculum and approach allows soft skills to
be developed simultaneously that are invaluable to an organization. Our
business model also enables us to focus on reaching underrepresented
talent, assisting our partners in developing talent pipeline streams,
and impacting surrounding communities as graduates are prepared for
in-demand, high-wage jobs. This approach allows us to be
mission-focused, while benefiting all individuals and entities involved.”

The combined programs offers companies an uncommon, innovative strategy
to talent acquisition that creates a stable, continuous pipeline of
future talent with the skills needed to create high-velocity
organizations designed to compete in today’s global business
environment. For more, visit

About Eleven Fifty Academy

Eleven Fifty Academy is a nonprofit coding academy that offers a variety
of courses through immersive learning at subsidized rates, made possible
through corporate and individual donations. Headquartered in
award-winning Carmel, Indiana, the vision of Eleven Fifty Academy is
help close the nation’s growing technology skills gap, through its
mission to build an ecosystem of coding talent that benefits the
individual, their employer and their community. For more information,
please visit us at

About STEM Premier

STEM Premier is the first cradle‐to‐career online solution that assists
students in designing a career pathway, educators in recruiting top
talent to their schools, and employers in developing a stable,
continuous talent pipeline. STEM Premier is a subscription-based,
multi-channel network connecting academic institutions, corporate
partners, and government agencies to a pool of qualified STEM talent in
the U.S. and global markets. STEM Premier is an SCRA Technology Ventures
Client Company in the SC Launch program. For more information, go to


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