Columbus Park Shares Binge Eating Treatment Recommendations for 2016

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Columbus Park, Manhattan’s leading outpatient treatment center for
adults, adolescents and children with eating disorders, has made public
its founder’s research-driven 2016 guidelines for the treatment of binge

“Late last year, the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ)
published an exhaustive review of the literature and research on
effectiveness of treatments for binge eating disorder,” said Melissa
Gerson, therapist, eating disorder treatment specialist, and founder of
Columbus Park. “The information is up-to-date, comprehensive, and very
much consistent with our own findings, but at more than 1200 pages, it
can be overwhelming.”

In an attempt to simplify the data, boost public understanding of the
treatment process and promote treatment options most supported by
published research demonstrating effectiveness, Gerson and her team at
Columbus Park have distilled the recommendations and guidelines into five
key findings
and have also developed an easy-to-follow Binge Eating
Treatment Review of Evidence table.

There is high strength of evidence for both cognitive behavioral therapy
and some prescription medicines such as Vyvanse. These and other
treatments are laid out and evaluated in the Review
of Evidence

“Binge eating as a formal diagnosis is still relatively new and for many
it’s difficult to know which treatments are best,” added Gerson. “Our
treatment table and overview of the published data will hopefully help
clarify the most recent clinical evidence. Of course, every patient is
different and a thorough assessment is necessary to determine the best
treatment plan, but this information will hopefully provide people with
a starting point in terms of thinking about treatment and getting the
right kind of help.”

The guideline overview and table are available on the Columbus Park
Binge Eating Treatment page at:

itself emphasizes evidence-driven, lifestyle friendly, flexible
outpatient programs that are helping patients get better with remarkable
consistency and offers solutions in the form of comprehensive outpatient
treatment options that involve minimal change to one’s daily routine and
lifestyle. The clinic also offers a full range of meal-support and
nutritional counseling services in group settings and one-to-one.

As Clinical Director, Gerson leads a multi-disciplinary team of
experienced specialists who share a mission to provide people from all
walks of life that are struggling with eating issues.

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