Consumer Group Submits Petition with Thousands of Signatures in Support of Enhanced Reliability and Increased Natural Gas Pipeline Capacity

More than 10,000 New York citizens ask Gov. Andrew Cuomo to
greenlight permits for New Market Project

Energy Alliance
(CEA), the Business Council of New York State and
New York State Laborers’ today submitted a petition with more than
10,000 signatures of New York state citizens to Gov. Andrew Cuomo asking
him to grant the permits needed to begin work on the New Market Project,
which would enhance reliability and improve access to natural gas to
National Grid customers in upstate New York.

“By permitting the New Market Project, New York will see an influx of
private investment, tax dollars, and much-needed job creation,” CEA
President David Holt said. “More importantly, homeowners, retirees,
businesses and those of us living on fixed incomes, will enjoy lower
utility prices. For these reasons, CEA – and its tens of thousands of
consumer members — have always strongly supported a robust natural gas
pipeline network throughout the country and the Northeast. Pipelines are
also the safest, most efficient and most environmentally friendly method
for moving energy resources to market – and this certainly fits the

Rather than build a new line, the project would add natural gas pipeline
capacity through an existing line in order to provide much-needed
natural gas to National Grid customers in New York. The additional new
supply of natural gas will further serve customers in Albany, central
New York, and the greater New York City areas by allowing for greater
supply to affordable natural gas. This will encourage job growth and
economic development.

Additionally, the project will allow consumers to save an estimated $20
million in the first 10 years of the project’s life. New York localities
will also receive about $4.4 million in annual property tax payments,
allowing the state to further invest in municipal service like roads,
schools, firefighters, and snowplows.

“The Business Council of New York State is pleased to join with New
Yorkers from all walks of life in support of the New Market Project. The
Dominion Project would address the growth in natural gas demand in the
Capital Region and ensure that New York City customers would have access
to new sources of reliable and affordable natural gas,” said Heather C.
Briccetti, president and CEO of The Business Council of New York State,
Inc. “The project will not only relieve upstream supply constraints, it
will also play a key part in New York’s energy future by providing New
York consumers with enhanced access to affordable and clean natural gas.”

During peak construction, a New York-based contractor will hire an
estimated 320 new employees to construct the new facilities. The
project, in total, represents $158 million in private investment, much
of which will be spent within New York’s borders.

“On behalf of 39,000 hardworking LiUNA members that call New York their
home, the time has come for the Cuomo Administration to approve this
project that will bring more jobs to New York State and lower the
utility bills of New York State residents,” said John Hutchings,
Director of the New York State Laborers’ Organizing Fund. “The working
men and women of New York urge the administration to end the needless
delays in approving this utility reliability project that benefits
upstate and downstate New Yorkers.”

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