CORRECTING and REPLACING PHOTO Facebook Dazzles Viewers with New 360 Panorama Experience

Kiosked Delivers the Platform for Premium Publishers and Global Brands

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#360ads–Please replace the photo with the accompanying corrected photo.

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Facebook Dazzles Viewers with New 360 Panorama Experience

Kiosked Delivers the Platform for Premium Publishers and Global Brands

In the first quarter of 2016, Facebook reached 1.65 billion monthly
active users and continues to innovate and deliver new ad experiences
with its new 360 panorama experience.

“We applaud Facebook for taking this immersive 360 experience and
sharing it with its community,” said Micke
Paqvalen, CEO and Co-Founder of Kiosked
. “We never imagined this
level of global success when we introduced Kiosked’s immersive 360
panorama ad units.”

Kiosked caters to a rapidly increasing demand in the virtual reality
market by offering the immersive 360 panorama unit globally. This is
enabled by the advertising automation company’s rapid growth in all key
digital advertising markets, particularly in Asia Pacific, where Kiosked
recently announced a $10 million regional investment through 2017.

The 360- Degree Immersive Experience:

● 360 photos are spherical photos either taken with a dedicated VR
camera, or stitched together based on multiple individual photos

● On mobile, these photos or ads can be explored by tilting one’s phone,
while desktop users click and drag to explore every angle

● These panoramic photos can be shared on Facebook or used in digital
advertising campaigns

brings the first programmatically traded 360 ad format to the market

● The Kiosked 360 Panorama solves the challenge of scaling immersive
advertising campaigns

“The success that we have seen in Asia Pacific within the transportation
and hospitality sectors has been an important step in paving the way for
immersive 360 panorama advertising. The 360 has been immediately
accepted by our world class publishers –– and brands love that the
programmatic panorama solution delights their viewers,” said David
McGrath, Managing Director of Kiosked and Co-Chairman for the Data
Council of IAB Singapore

recently added 360-degree photos to its newsfeed. Kiosked congratulates
Facebook for allowing their community to join the movement with the
option to view the 360 photos in virtual reality. The new social feature
along with Kiosked’s 360 panorama ad unit are the first steps towards
bringing virtual reality (VR) technologies to the masses.

Kiosked is the leading, independent Advertising Automation platform
company for native digital advertising. Kiosked creates dynamic high­
performing ad inventory within the publisher content, solving the
industry’s major issues around viewability, relevance, and performance
of ads. Founded in 2010, Kiosked has grown into a global company with a
Finnish soul. More than 100 of us are located across Helsinki, London,
Dublin, New York, Los Angeles, Singapore, Tokyo, Sydney, and Shenzhen.


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