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Tuition Assurance (TA), a member based financial services company and a
division of Campus Scientific, Inc., was recognized as the 2017 Silver
Medal ACH Innovator of the Year, awarded by NACHA’s Excellence in
Payments Awards and

“It was an honor to be recognized by these leaders in our industry, and
to be alongside top winner Bank of America Merrill Lynch, a prestigious
worldwide brand, was a pure distinction,” said James Beckmann, President
of Tuition Assurance and a leader in consumer affinity programs.

The NACHA Excellence in Payments Award honors an individual or
organization that has shown superior leadership and accomplishment in
the development, implementation or advancement of domestic or
international electronic payments.

Tuition Assurance works with a proven SaaS (software as a service)
payroll platform to enable more students to afford college costs with a
semester installment alternative to high interest bearing loans that can
quickly mount to long-term, crippling debt.

Developed at the Volusia CountyUniversity of Central Florida
Business Incubator in Daytona Beach, Tuition Assurance gives students a
“pay as you study” solution that enables seamless payments through
automatic payroll deposits directly from a student’s or parent’s
employer. The unique “Tuition from Payroll” platform allows multiple
family members to contribute in a hassle-free manner to a student’s
tuition obligation when enrolled at a school offering TA.

“In looking to solve a huge problem with the affordability of tuition
costs and defaults that keeps students from receiving their diplomas, we
identified areas of opportunity to innovate and transform how
installments work into a new paradigm in tuition payments to
cash-strapped students and their families,” noted Beckmann.

To further assist students, Tuition Assurance will also deliver more
exclusive user benefits ranging from its Tuition Rewards program
providing discounts at thousands of retailers across the country, to its
Credit Climber program that can help young people begin to establish
good credit.

“We view the relationship with students and colleges as a partnership;
Tuition Assurance aims to make a positive impact to both,” Beckmann

The Company will start accepting applicants for the Fall 2017 semester
in the Florida market starting June 1, 2017, through its website

The Company expects to expand nationally starting in 2018.

About Tuition Assurance

Tuition Assurance is a financial services membership company catering to
the higher education and private K-12 markets that encompass
approximately 20 million students within the $70 billion tuition market.
The company is a division of Campus Scientific, Inc. based in Daytona
Beach, Fla., with a West Coast office in Las Vegas, Nev.


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